The Habit of Self-Delusion: Do You Have It?

April 11, 2018By Rael KalleyHabits

The Habit of Self-Delusion: Do You Have It? Over the years, I have asked many a client what they believe may be the habit that has most prevented them from attaining some sense of happiness. Overwhelmingly, the response comes down to one thing, something I call The Habit of Self-Delusion. A child’s fairy tale asks this … Read More

Get Started: Make “Someday” Today

April 4, 2018By Rael KalleyHabits

Get Started: Make "Someday" Today Mark Twain said, “the secret of getting ahead is to get started,” and I have several clients who should heed those words. The term déjà vu is often used to describe a feeling or sense when we believe we have experienced something before. Such is the feeling every time I … Read More

4 Elements You Need to Develop a Routine

March 28, 2018By Rael KalleyBeliefs, Habits

4 Elements You Need to Develop a Routine   What’s the difference between a habit and a routine? Is it necessary to change your routine in order to create a habit? Do routines reinforce habits? All great questions. I wanted to clearly understand the differences between habits and routines so I could provide the best … Read More

Being Present

March 21, 2018By Rael KalleyHabits

Being Present “Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits…” A.A. Milne. The wisdom of this quote is not so much in its veracity, but rather in the fact that the quote itself is simply not reflective of our reality. Being present is very difficult, and the truth is we rarely, if ever, … Read More

The Importance of Focus

March 14, 2018By Rael KalleyHabits

The Importance of Focus Last week we focused on not making excuses. Let’s shift our focus and understand what is required to avoid being in situations where we feel the need to make an excuse. By now you know we only ever do one thing: what we believe to be most important in the moment. … Read More

No Excuses – The 90-Day Accountability Challenge

March 7, 2018By Rael KalleyHabits

No Excuses – The 90-Day Accountability Challenge Heard any good excuses lately? Used any good excuses lately? defines an excuse as “an explanation offered as a reason for being excused; a plea offered in extenuation of a fault or for release from an obligation, promise, etc.:” In other words, an excuse is simply a … Read More

The Benefit of Experience, Good or Bad

February 28, 2018By Rael Kalleygoals, Habits

The Benefit of Experience, Good or Bad “Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.” -Will Rogers This is one of my favourite quotes/guiding principles because it speaks to the cycle of learning, reflection and continuous improvement. Experience, the requirement for all improvement, is not something to be skipped over. … Read More

How well do your most important habits fit you?

February 21, 2018By Rael KalleyHabits

How well do your most important habits fit you? How do you know if you are making your habits or, if in fact, your habits are making you? In my work, I am frequently asked how important habits are to create a well-balanced, successful and fulfilling life. My answer: they are not important, they are … Read More

Enjoying Success Means Never Giving Up

February 16, 2018By Rael KalleyCorporate Coaching, Habits

Enjoying Success Means Never Giving Up While walking through the +15 yesterday on my way to a client meeting, I ran into a long-time friend who has been enjoying success in the group insurance business. Whenever the words perseverance and persistence find a way into any conversation, I am reminded of a story he shared … Read More

Turn Setbacks Into Comebacks

February 14, 2018By Rael KalleyBeliefs, Habits

Turn Setbacks Into Comebacks What does life have in common with the message behind the 1997 Chumbawamba song, “Tubthumping?” The answer is setbacks and how to best overcome them. If you somehow missed the song, or don’t remember much about the 90s, the chorus reminds people, “I get knocked down, but I get up again.”  … Read More