Life is a game. Learn the rules.

February 15, 2019By Rael KalleyHabits

Try this: For the next 100 days set your alarm and get up one hour earlier than usual each morning. For the next 100 days give up something you really enjoy; wine with dinner; that afternoon nap on weekends; chocolate (okay, that’s really pushing it). For the next 100 days, commit to spending one hour … Read More

Push Harder, Go Farther

February 9, 2019By Rael KalleyHabits

I believe in extremes: always have and always will. I believe we are either all in or all out. There is no middle ground. I believe in pushing ourselves beyond our limits because, as T. S. Eliot explained to us, “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one … Read More

Directional Activities: The Actions That Achieve

February 1, 2019By Rael KalleyHabits

Have you ever been so eager to achieve something you would do anything to get there?  Perhaps a goal was so important to you that you were in hot pursuit and vowed to do whatever it took to achieve the desired outcome. The normal process for setting goals requires identifying specific actions and behaviours that … Read More

The Habit of Gratitude

January 25, 2019By Rael KalleyHabits

  Today was a stark reminder for me of the importance of developing the habit of appreciation. As you likely know, my wife, Gimalle and I live in a high-rise condo on the west side of downtown Calgary.  With a few exceptions, we both have come to love and appreciate all of the advantages of … Read More

I Knew It! The Power of Confirmation Bias

January 18, 2019By Rael KalleyHabits

A client told me recently that each time he sees the premier of our province being interviewed on television, regardless of what she says, it serves as validation that she, her party and its ideological practices are 100% responsible for the faltering state of our economy as well as all other social ills. Remember, his … Read More

Don’t Explain It, Own It

January 11, 2019By Rael KalleyHabits

An apology followed by an explanation is no longer an apology, but rather a justification. That thought popped into my mind earlier this week when my 9:00 AM client strode into my office at 9:27 AM muttering something about traffic. We all, at times, mess up. Whether we are late, don’t do something we have committed … Read More

New Year, New You: Ask Yourself These Questions

January 4, 2019By Rael KalleyHabits

Once again that time of year has arrived when we can safely put the past year behind us and focus on the year ahead. All of the presents have been unwrapped, the turkey has been eaten, the eggnog consumed, the chocolates, baking and everything else sweet has been devoured, and the family events have ceased. … Read More

2019: Your Best Year Ever, Really!

December 28, 2018By Rael KalleyHabits

With Christmas a rapidly fading memory and 2019 mere days from being born, this is often the time when many turn their thoughts in the direction of making resolutions. You know what resolutions are, don’t you? They are those ill-thought-out pledges we make to ourselves about life altering actions we intend to take that will … Read More

Your Personal Naughty & Nice List

December 21, 2018By Rael KalleyHabits

In the months leading up to Christmas, children all over the world take time to write letters to Santa.  Some ask for specific toys for themselves, some ask for something for someone else, and some write just to let Santa know they believe. Once Santa receives a letter, he checks the Naughty and Nice list.  … Read More

My Favourite Anniversary & Its 2 Lessons

December 14, 2018By Rael KalleyHabits

On this day 23 years ago, Thursday, December 14, 1995, I entered a hospital early in the morning a very sick person and woke up 14 hours later with a brand-new lease on life. During those 14 hours, a highly skilled surgeon did something five surgeons had all expressed an unwillingness to do. He excised … Read More