Always Do More Than You Get Paid For

January 26, 2018By Rael Kalleygratitude, Habits, leadership

Always Do More Than You Get Paid For A recent conversation with a long-time client – a successful business owner – validated for me my long-held belief that explains why some achieve enormous results and rise to the great levels while others spend life floundering, yet never quite understanding why they fail to get ahead. … Read More

3 Signs of Bad Leadership

August 18, 2017By Rael Kalleyleadership, Uncategorized

3 Signs of Bad Leadership To me, there are many ways to be a great leader, but there are three major warning signs of bad leadership.  I have an amazing job; my work enables me to meet and interact with many people. My company, Strategic Pathways, has conducted thousands of employee surveys, exit interviews and … Read More