Coaching with Rael Kalley 

Coaching session with Rael Kalley and client.

"It's not just my job, it's my purpose."

Strategic Pathways Founder and CEO Rael Kalley is a personal coach,trainer and bestselling author.  Rael created the OnCourse program to help his clients reach any professional or personal goal.

Rael's work has been praised by medical professionals and psychologists alike. His methods are backed up by data.

 His coaching helps you align your goals with your beliefs about yourself and the world. 

Rael has overcome significant obstacles in his own life to become a successful entrepreneur and coach, and has used the principles in OnCourse himself. He has also seen hundreds of people follow the same path. They find success, because they change their beliefs.

“For anything to really change, we must first change our thinking.”


A Message From Rael Kalley

I’ve always been fascinated with why some people achieve amazing success, while many others don’t. I believe most experiences in our lives take place in our heads and hearts before they play out in real life. This knowledge is the key to making lasting changes.

I’ve learned that truly successful people actually think differently than most other people. They have different perspectives, and different beliefs. They make different choices and expect different outcomes. 

This insight made me determined to help people change the way they think. I believe this is the key to raising your performance level to new heights in any area of your life, even if you are already very successful.

My life has been rich with many successes and shattered with a few failures. This, combined with many years of coaching other people, led me to develop a training philosophy I call OnCourse.

OnCourse is a formal framework rooted in the belief that all results in our lives flow from our heads and hearts. The mental perspective that shapes our choices foreshadows our results. 

I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with so many talented and successful clients. These are people who strive to become better every day. I’m thrilled to be part of helping them reach and sustain new heights. They have a lot to be proud of.

This is my life’s work.

Rael Kalley
Founder & President