336. Your Hunger Games.

336. Your Hunger Games.

Has this ever happened to you?

It’s getting late in the evening, when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, you’re hit with a craving.

And you can’t get it out of your mind.

You search the whole house in the faint hope that you may find a little sliver somewhere only to discover there is none to be found.

Now, you put all your effort into focusing on something different; perhaps a TV show or a book, but that craving is gnawing at you and just won’t go away.

You crawl into bed hoping that sleep will rid your mind and body of this gnawing hunger and you even succeed in sleeping fitfully for a short while, but you just can’t get the persistent yearning out of your system.

Finally, at 2 AM, exhausted and desperate, you get out of bed, dress and go out in -35° Alberta winter temperatures in search of a 7-11 that may have what you need.

You finally find it at the third store you visit and then race home with a gleeful sense of victory only to wake up in the morning to discover the treasure you found, as delicious and satisfying as it was, served to only provide a temporary release from the hunger which has now returned with even greater urgency.

There’s no doubt that when this happens to us and the object of those cravings is as innocuous as a candy bar or similar item then we gain no long-term benefit from our efforts to satisfy the relentless need.

Now imagine this!

What would happen if:

–          That hunger, that unyielding craving, that urgency, consumed you each and every time you set out to achieve a new goal for yourself?

–          Every waking moment was spent searching for that goal, reaching for that goal and driving you to stop at nothing until your goal is reached?

–          Each cell in your body is starved for that goal, can think of nothing but that goal and will blast past any obstacle that dares to stand between you and that goal?

–          The possibility of not achieving that goal causes you so much pain that you intensify your efforts beyond anything you ever thought yourself capable of doing?

–          Your first thought in the morning was about that goal, causing a surge of excitement to force energy to course through your entire body, driving you to leave no possibility challenged and no stone unturned in pursuit of that goal?

–          Your last thought at night was accompanied by the combination of both exhaustion and exhilaration that can only come from knowing that you have put 110% of your very being towards realizing that goal?

–          The hunger feels insatiable and each sliver of success you enjoy intensifies the craving even more?

–          The urgency to satisfy the craving NOW get stronger and stronger over time?

–          That inner voice begging you to do “just one more” before calling it quits for the day. Never stills?

–          You became addicted to the feelings of victory brought on by each success and the only way to satisfy that addiction is to keep succeeding?

If this hunger lay within you, gnawing away at you all day, would there be any possibility of not achieving your goals?


Till we read again.


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