68. Mastery of hypnosis

“In just a moment I am going to count backwards from five to one. When I say the number one you will open your eyes. You will feel refreshed and relaxed and you will have no memory of anything we have discussed but every time you hear the word ‘schmuck’ you will immediately race to the nearest bank and transfer $1,000.00 to my account. Five, four, three, two, one.”

Ah hypnosis, we have all heard of its remarkable power. Indeed, some of us have sat in a theatre transfixed by the master up on the stage as he effortlessly induces barking, growling, roaring, clucking and other animalistic behaviours in a group of volunteers who have been placed under his spell and whose minds he now controls with all the dexterity of a puppeteer.

And then the climax. You know the one where he sends each of his subjects back to their seats, not to enjoy the rest of the show, but rather to await their call to action.

Before they are directed to leave the stage he skilfully implants a post-hypnotic suggestion into their subconscious, waiting to explode into action upon command.

He may say something like “and whenever you hear the word ‘volunteer’ you will jump to your feet and sing Jingle Bells as loudly as you possibly can.”

Five minutes later, with our unsuspecting subject comfortably back in his seat, the master turns to the audience and announces that “I would like to try something I’ve never done before and I need a volunteer to come up here and…”

And, like magic, before he can even finish his sentence, our hero is up on his feet enthralling the audience with the worst off-key rendition of Jingle Bells ever performed before a live audience.

Many of us have seen this happen. Some of us believe it is very real, others think they are watching a well rehearsed show with highly skilled actors.

So I’d like to dispel the myths that may surround the purported powers of hypnosis and hypnotists everywhere.

Their powers are absolutely real. There is no trickery. Everything described above actually happens.

And you too are a master hypnotist.

In fact, if you are like many, your specialty is the post-hypnotic suggestion.

Let me explain.

Have you ever told yourself?

“I wake up every morning tired and groggy.”

“I always get a headache on Monday mornings.”

“I’m going to fail that exam.”

“I’m hopeless at math.”

“I’ll never succeed at anything.”

“I’ll never be good enough.”

‘I’ll probably mess that up.”

“I can’t quit smoking.”

‘It’s really difficult to lose weight.”

‘I get the flu every winter.”

And how often have you been wrong?

Almost never, I’ll bet.

See how good you are. A world class hypnotist and you probably didn’t know it.

A veritable master/mistress at programming your own future results.

And self taught too.


How did that hypnotist become so skilled at his craft? How is he able, night after night, to go onto a stage and effortlessly transforms humans into ducks?


He has spent years of his life practising his magic, honing his skills.

If you ever have an opportunity to meet one of these folks they’ll tell you they never missed an opportunity to practice whether it was in front of a one person audience in a school yard or alone, in front of a mirror at home.

The secret of their ability to perform with such excellence is their insatiable commitment to practice.

So how did we become so skilled at self hypnosis?

Same way.

We have spent year after year refining our technique, seldom missing even one day of practice.

We have so filled ourselves with post-hypnotic suggestions that we have become magnificently primed to wake up every morning tired and groggy, always get a headache on Monday mornings, fail that exam, be hopeless at math, never succeed at anything, never be good enough, probably mess that up, not be able to quit smoking, experience great difficulty losing weight, get the ‘flu every winter and so much more.

It’s amazing how skilled we become when we practice with such diligence.

And what is so interesting is the fact that if we simply change the suggestion, the whole program changes too.

And if we dedicate the same level and degree of commitment to practicing new, positive, inspiring, powerful post-hypnotic suggestions day after day then positive, inspiring, powerful things will start to happen in our lives.

So we don’t need a new puppeteer, we just need to practice pulling different strings.

And the next time your hear yourself programming  yourself for “I can’t” immediately race to the nearest bank and transfer $1,000.00 to my account.

Till we read again

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  1. Jean-Guy Reply

    We are all self-made . Some do a better job than others. It’s all about the choices. Also if you started counting from a larger number could you get more?

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