92. Post election reflection

Well, the election is over and we now have a majority federal government and boy am I relieved.

I’m not relieved because the Conservatives won, although many are.

I’m not relieved because a majority government means that things can get done, finally.

I’m not relieved because a majority government means an end to the weekly puerile threats by the opposition parties to bring down the government. They finally succeeded and gave the governing party the majority they had been aching for. Isn’t there a old saying that goes something like “be careful what you wish for?”

I’m not relieved because a majority government means that the governing party no longer has to prostitute themselves with any of the opposition parties in order to get a vote passed.

No! I’m relieved because a majority government means that we don’t have to do this again for at least four years.

It means we don’t have to suffer through another unnecessary and unwanted election called simply to satisfy the pathetically unfulfilled ego’s of those who think they speak for all of us and somehow have deluded themselves into thinking that they know what we want and what’s best for us.

During this campaign each party endeavoured to sell us on the merits of their respective ideologies and convince us that their way is THE way, and, in the tragic event that the other guys get elected we would all be doomed to lives of sheer misery.

Each tried to convince us that theirs was the only pathway to life in a jewelled forest and that their opponents, should we be misguided enough to vote for them, would steer our lives on the track to hell.

I have no doubt – well maybe a little – that these party leaders truly believe all the rhetoric they were spending their days spewing out.

But really, despite the enormous differences in platform they constantly referred to there really was only one thing that divided these parties leaders.

And that one thing is something we have repeatedly discussed in these posts.

It is the very same one thing that unites or divides all of us.

It polarises us politically.

It sends us off to war.

Almost ten years ago it caused many of us to react in shock and anger to the horror of 9/11 and simultaneously caused others, in other parts of the world to dance in the streets with joy and, this past weekend it caused many of us to dance in the streets with joy while, in other parts of the world some people reacted with shock and anger as we learned of the death of Osama Bin Laden.

And what is this one thing that wields so much power?

It is what we uniquely and individually believe to be true.

And it plays a massive role in each of our lives.

We define ourselves by what we believe to be true.

And we then govern ourselves accordingly.

And we act out our lives in ways that validate our beliefs.

And our beliefs are always right.

They speak the truth.

So when we believe the truth to be that we can’t control our temper, we instantly explode at every opportunity.

And when we believe the truth to be that we can’t quit smoking, we buy cigarettes by the truckload because, well, it’s cheaper that way.

And when we believe the truth to be that we can never be promoted at work, well,  it sure helps us understand why we didn’t.

What we often don’t realize is that because we are defined by what we believe to be true and that what we believe to be true defines the choices we make and that the choices we make define our behaviour, our beliefs therefore are complicit in our losing our temper, continuing to smoke and ensuring that we take with us to work each day an attitude that make us unpromoteable.

Does that make sense?

So if we could change our beliefs we will change the choices we make and our behaviour will change accordingly.

And we can change our beliefs, we can alter those things we believe to be true. But we won’t do so until it becomes important enough to us to make those changes.

And that’s because we only ever do one thing – we do what’s important to us in the moment.

And what was important to us, collectively, earlier this week was to elect a majority government.

Because if there is one thing all of us Canadians believe to be true it is that the absolute very last thing any of us want is to have to go through the electoral game of Charades any time soon.

And that is not just what I believe to be true.

It’s a fact.

Till we read again.

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