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Ever Thought About A Personal Coach? Try a Habits Coach.

Reaching your goals, personal or professional, is a matter of examining your habits. Most counselling, coaching, therapy or mentoring programs focus on behaviour. When it comes to making real, meaningful changes in your life, you must first change your thinking. Strategic Pathways Personal Coaching Calgary will help you make that change, and reach your goals.



Meet Rael

Rael Kalley, personal coach, is the CEO & Founder of Strategic Pathways. He is a bestselling author, and is the creator of the OnCourse program. OnCourse is Strategic Pathways’ proprietary method of helping you reach your goals.

In each level of the OnCourse program, Rael works with clients one-on-one, coaching for success.

With Rael’s help, you will see how your current thinking is limiting you. He will help you see what you can achieve, once you conquer those limiting beliefs to find real fulfillment and lasting change.




A shot of the cover of Rael's book "Life Sinks Or Soars"

OnCourse Program

This proprietary program can help you in any personal or professional area of your life, from weight loss to meeting sales goals.  If you aren’t seeing the success you would like, a personal coach can help. Using OnCourse, you will articulate what you want to achieve or the challenge you want to overcome, and then Rael guides you through the program. Each step is tailored to effectively meet your specific goals.

Like anything that is worthwhile, the OnCourse program requires work and commitment, but it is truly life changing. If you’ve been looking for a sign, this is it!


  • It’s like your own personalized 7 Habits [of Highly Effective People] course.

    VP, Oil & Gas Producer
  • “Supervisors who’ve taken the program are much better at seeing the big picture and seeking win-win solutions for corporate success.”

    Executive Director/Chief, Law Enforcement
  • “The OnCourse program embeds a discipline and stick-to-it-ness that’s invaluable.”

  • “The OnCourse program helped me make amazing and sustained improvements in our business. It’s brilliance is in its simplicity.”

    Partner, Business Consulting Practice
  • “It’s an excellent investment in executive development. It’s something you’ll take with you.”

    VP Finance, Oil & Gas Company
  • “If you want anyone on your team to better spot opportunities, and then execute effectively with joy, they need to take this [OnCourse] program.”