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OBSESSION: 100 Day Bootcamp to Optimal Performance

OBSESSION is for the business owner, sales person, the professional who wants to advance in an increasingly competitive world.  Work the program for 100 days.  The results will astound you. Learn more about how the adoption of new habits can totally change your life and your level of success here.

How the Program Works

  • We accept TEN people per cohort.
  • The program begins with a 2-day immersion workshop.
  • Members then book up to 12 1-on-1 coaching sessions to stay on track.
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OBSESSION is Different

Most workshops emphasize changing your behaviour. OBSESSION is different. In his years of personal coaching, Rael Kalley has learned that people don’t stick to behavioural changes until their beliefs change. In this workshop, you will examine what personal beliefs you have about yourself and your abilities that have been holding you back.Once you’ve done that, you will focus on establishing new beliefs that serve you and support you in your goals. You will learn how to incorporate these empowering beliefs so deeply they cannot help but propel you toward your dreams. Only then can you decide what actions you will take to reach your most cherished goals.

You're Not Alone

You must determine your goals that you would like to reach in the 100 days, and you must perform the activities needed to reach them. However, you’re never alone. Your OBSESSION cohort will be cheering you along every stage of the program. You’ll be matched with an accountability partner to help encourage you when it gets hard. (and it will get hard) And your tuition includes up to twelve 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Rael Kalley to help track your progress and refine your plan.

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Want to learn more? Ready to apply? Contact me.

(403) 802-3477 or [email protected]