Don’t Dilute Your Message

A few weeks ago, I was meeting with a sales representative from a company that specializes in e-marketing services.

I had responded to an online advertisement offering a free in-person consultation and their representative was in my office educating me on the many benefits I would enjoy by hiring her company to design and implement a marketing program that would rapidly take my company “to the next level.”

I was somewhat intrigued by her offering and was looking forward to learning more and perhaps even asking a few questions when, without warning, she completely changed the topic and informed me that “we also offer world-class web design services and we would be glad to do a complete redesign of your website.”

She then turned her phone toward me and proceeded to show me samples of websites the company had designed.

Hey, Look Over There

And in no time at all I had completely forgotten all about the marketing services and, as I have no interest whatsoever in web design, I felt myself becoming fidgety and anxious for her to leave.

She had made a critical mistake in her presentation and it is one that I certainly have been guilty of making myself and I’m sure many of you will admit to the same.

We humans have only capacity to focus on one thing at a time and when we are focused on that one thing, it is to the exclusion of everything else. Our energy flows to where our attention goes and all else bypasses our conscious awareness.

Stay Focused

The moment she switched topics and introduced website design, she was unwittingly redirecting all of my attention away from her marketing service offering.

The moment we introduce B, we dilute A. And soon thereafter A is no more than a distant, murky memory.

Experts have long told us that the way to induce amnesia in others is to simply change the subject and that salesperson had clearly mastered that ability.

Needless to say, no sale was made.

Most of us can relate to an experience like this: You are in a restaurant enjoying a fine meal with a few friends. You are all engaged in a riveting conversation when the server appears at your table and, with salivation inducing detail describes the available dessert selection.

A moment or two passes by, decisions are made, the server heads to the kitchen and you and your friends turn your attention back to … what?

As none of you reintroduce the topic you were discussing moments before, a whole new discussion begins on an entirely different matter.

You were focused, you were distracted, you forgot what you were talking about and you introduced a new subject.

And in a social environment like the one above – so what? But in the context of something like an important business meeting, job interview, sales presentation or a similarly significant conversation, introducing a new topic and thereby shifting the focus of others present, almost always will produce a consequence and than the one you were aiming for.

A wise mentor once explained to me that the only time to introduce a new topic is after the old one has left the room and gone home.

A simple lesson, but one, if heeded, will reward you handsomely forevermore.

What would you be if you weren’t who you are?

You, me, all of us share the same goal. You want to be happy. Of course, happiness is uniquely defined by each of us and you agree that happiness is the result of the attainment of your desires.

You know getting there requires complete mastery of your emotions in order to create and sustain powerful, new habits which must include the habit of an unconquerable mindset and the certainty of supreme confidence in yourself and your abilities.

And there are daunting barriers that are keeping you from the life you dream of:

  • You struggle with limiting beliefs which hinder your efforts to produce your desired results.
  • You feel feelings of inadequacy.
  • You experience relentless frustration.
  • You increasingly think of giving up.

Living with fear and uncertainty, which are simply products of your mindset and beliefs, is not what you want.

I have been exactly where you are today, and I learned how to do what must be done.

Sine then I have helped hundreds of people build the life of their dreams.

And many of those have done this by participating in my OBSESSION – 100 Days to Optimal Performance intense coaching cohort.

OBSESSION begins with a two-day intense workshop and then 100 days of dedicated commitment to personal excellence. During the 100 days you will interact weekly with your chosen cohort partner and meet with me up to 10 times for one-on-one personal coaching.

After 100 days you will look like you look today but everything else about you will be different.

And this summer, for the first and only time, I am offering this life-changing opportunity to a few brave and adventurous people for a 50% discount off the standard price.

But only this time.

This discounted offer will never be repeated. And only 20 seats are available.

We need to talk. Call me at 403 802 3476 or email me at and schedule a meeting to discover what OBSESSION will do for you.

Henry David Thoreau said: The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation, and go to the grave with the song still in them.

OBSESSION will have you belting out your songs for the entire world to hear.

You will sculpt the life you have always wanted and become your own hero.

Call 403 802 3476 or email

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