Do You Have This Key Trait Successful People Have?

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Many people ask me which trait most leads to success.

Have you ever been relentless in your pursuit of a goal?

Relentless means no price too high, no task too hard, no pain too sharp to slow you down for even a nano-second.

There is a trait common to all those who aim for the stratosphere, then go beyond.

From sports superstars to business tycoons, megastar entertainers to literary greats, there is a common thread that runs through all.

They all began as ordinary folks, yet they reached extraordinary heights because they were relentless in their pursuit of excellence and would never, under any circumstances, accept anything less.

Their secret: mastering the habit of relentlessness.

The Trait of Relentlessness

They were not always the biggest, fastest, most talented, best educated or brightest, but they all did one thing, they out-worked everyone else.

What’s more, when things didn’t go their way, they dug in deeper and worked harder. When they were injured, they ignored the pain and pushed further. When others advised them to quit, they feigned deafness and only deepened their resolve.

If getting there meant foregoing sleep, they slept less.

If it meant risking injury, they took the risk.

If it meant facing ridicule, they boldly exclaimed, “Bring it on.”

They were relentless, they were obsessed; they were all in, cost be damned. They committed to pay the ultimate price in the short-term, to reap the benefit in the long term.

Peak Performance

Certainly, each of these overachievers had other traits that drove them to attain the peak performance they achieved. These traits were varied and while not necessarily applicable to all, but there is one they all shared – relentlessness – and they had it in abundance.

The single-mindedness of thought that drove each of them to extraordinary success is at the cornerstone of every outstanding achievement.

Somewhere deep inside of each of us lies the desire to be one of the greats. However, few will ever come even close and not for the reason(s) you may think.  It remains elusive for two reasons and only two reasons: most never take the first step and most of those who do, won’t finish what they start.

Always remember, greatness is the birthright of us all.  Also remember, to get there requires great effort, immense sacrifice and unyielding commitment.

It requires Obsession.

Obsession is a 100-day trek to relentlessness.

It is the boot camp for those who want immense results and who are prepared to settle for nothing less.

It combines process with effort, determination with accountability and singularity of focus with unyielding commitment.

And it begins this weekend.

If you are willing to invest two days into learning the what and the how and 100 days relentlessly doing it, then this weekend offers an opportunity to change who you are forever.

There are only two seats left at the table alongside the brave and daring others who have committed to shoot for the moon no matter how daunting the journey.

Have you determined that the time has come to find out just how far you are capable of going?

If your answer is yes, then please email me at or call me at (403) 802 3476.

And let’s use this weekend to charge the course of the life you have long yearned for.

What do you have to lose?

Let’s make a habit of meeting like this.

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