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Do any of these resonate with you?

You know your team or your organization can get better results

You’ve developed some bad habits you can’t get rid of

You think you could do better with your life in general

We can help. Strategic Pathways offers executive coaching, personal development coaching and corporate coaching in Calgary and beyond. We teach organizations and individual leaders to set their goals and reach them.

Our Method


Developed by our founder, Rael Kelly, the 4 Pathways are our pillars during the coaching journey. We refer back to them during the coaching process as a guide system to help our clients reaching their goals:

#1 – Everything you believe to be trust is true for you.

#2 – Your life is the sum of your beliefs, behaviour and external circumstances.

#3 – You must take ownership of your circumstances before you can change them. 

#4 – You will find the strength to change when it becomes important enough to you.

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We teach our clients how to use the 4 Pathways as a support system they can rely on to get back on track whenever they encounter a challenge.

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