Block Busters

Block Busters Creator Gimalle Crawford

Block Busters

Block Busters is a performance program for women that helps break down mental barriers to success. 

What is a Block?

We all suffer at one time or another from performance blocks that prevent us from achieving goals and keep us stuck where we are. This could show up as lack of motivation, indecision, imposter syndrome or a host of other problems. Block Busters teaches that frustration, disappointment, and complacency are merely mindsets to be conquered. 

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Here's what You'll Learn

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Learn why you’re experiencing a block by examining where your blocks originated.

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Learn how your personal blocks are showing up in your life and what impact they have.

What Now?

Learn the strategies that address unproductive behaviours and the actions required to irradicate them.

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Here's How It Works

Block Busters is a 5-month cohort experience where you will learn with like-minded colleagues.

The group meets online for 90 minutes every 3 weeks.  At the end of each session, you will select a concept, idea, or principle that most resonates with you, and implement some aspect within your sphere of influence. 

To ensure you are successful, you can access a 1-hour solo coaching session between each online session.

Your Guide: Gimalle Crawford

Gimalle Crawford holds a master’s degree in Adult Education and is an accomplished speaker, educator, performance coach, and author.

Gimalle brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Block Busters. She was a police officer for 25 years, worked in the international energy industry and held various roles in not-for-profit. Her vast experience will inspire you to get unstuck and move forward.    

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Sign Up for Block Busters

Cohort cost is $995.00, plus GST.

  • Option 1: Payment in full upon registration
  • Option 2: $525.00 upon registration, $525.00 30 days later
  • Option 3: $360.00 upon registration; $360.00 after 30 Days, $360.00 after 60 days


The next cohort meets on these dates:

February 22, 2022

March 15, 2022

April 5 & 26, 2022

May 17, 2022

June 7 & 28, 2022

July 19, 2022