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How to Stay Optimistic

These are, to use an increasingly tired cliché, unprecedented times. How to stay optimistic has gone from a temporary challenge to genuine crisis for many people. However, for most of us, how to stay optimistic in the face of adversity is something well within our control.

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Stop Blaming Others

If I had one piece of advice for people perpetually miserable with the current state of their life it would be to stop blaming others for it. We all landed on this planet endowed with the greatest gift possible – the gift of thought – and contained within that jewel lay a diamond encrusted and gold wrapped treasure – the remarkable power of choice.

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Goals Don’t Bring Happiness

In my role as a coach I frequently find myself having a discussion with my clients about what they hope to achieve through the coaching process

Invariably the conversation begins with them stating what they believe to be their goal, the thing that they really want to achieve for themselves.

Why Do People Believe Scams?

Many people have allowed themselves to be sucked into these types of scams. We believe what we want to believe and our beliefs are based on our life’s experiences. Beliefs aren’t real until we make them real for us.

3 Tips for Giving Advice

It’s amazing how much advice is out there. Even when you don’t ask for it.
Going through a life changing experience can bring us closer, but inflicting others with our perspective on that experience can drive us further apart. Or at the very least, drive our friends around the bend.

So here are my tips on how to give advice, and how to stop giving advice. Please.

We CHOOSE Our Beliefs

Despite how important beliefs are to the way we live, they pop up in a very casual way. The world around us exists, we interpret it based on our life experiences and personalities, and we form our beliefs. Many of us don’t think about where our beliefs come from at all. They just sort of seem to…show up.


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