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Goals Don’t Bring Happiness

In my role as a coach I frequently find myself having a discussion with my clients about what they hope to achieve through the coaching process

Invariably the conversation begins with them stating what they believe to be their goal, the thing that they really want to achieve for themselves.

We CHOOSE Our Beliefs

Despite how important beliefs are to the way we live, they pop up in a very casual way. The world around us exists, we interpret it based on our life experiences and personalities, and we form our beliefs. Many of us don’t think about where our beliefs come from at all. They just sort of seem to…show up.

How to Measure TRUE Cost

There is a question we ask each time we are contemplating making a buying decision. We seek the answer to this question so as to provide ourselves with the information …

Make Networking a Habit

Make Networking a Habit Earlier this week I had the privilege of speaking at a convention in Victoria, British Columbia. The topic was one near and dear to my heart …

Where do Habits Come From?

Where Do Habits Come From? “We first make our habits, then our habits make us.”-John Dryden, England’s first Poet Laureate in 1668.That quote is as true today as it was …

Do It Willingly

Do It Willingly When you were a kid did you have a list of chores that had to be done, no matter what? Do the dishes, clean your room, walk …