Personal Coaching Calgary

Why a Habits Coach?

Hiring a coach helps you set goals and reach them. Rael Kalley’s coaching method focuses specifically on changing your habits.  

Strategic Pathways Personal Coaching Calgary can help you personally or professionally. Most counselling, therapy or mentoring programs focus on your behaviour. In order to change the habits that hold you back, you must instead examine the beliefs that drive your behaviour. Many people -perhaps most people- have never done this.

When you choose to change what you believe, you have the ability to change your habits. That’s when everything changes, in amazing ways. 

The OnCourse Program

Strategic Pathways Personal Coaching Calgary uses a proprietary 1-on-1 coaching method, which is called OnCourse. The OnCourse Program helps you develop the thinking you need to produce the results you want.

The program has three levels that take you from mastering yourself, to mastering your life to seizing total fulfillment by examining your beliefs and changing your habits.

What does a coach do?

Career Navigation: increase your sales, or get that promotion.

Job Search: sell your skills and experience in a tough job market.

Weight Loss/ Addiction Recovery: lose weight, quit smoking, or conquer other addictions.