The OnCourse One-On-One Personal Coaching in Calgary, AB

The OnCourse one-on-one personal coaching in Calgary, AB, is a unique proprietary method of putting thoughts into action. It is a concrete path to success. You will make a commitment to yourself, and then work to change your limiting beliefs. As you work through the program, you can and will change your life. Your goals can fall in any of the common areas that people struggle with:

Weight loss

Health management

Business growth

Career advancement

Sales increases


Relationships and dating

Marriage/partnership strengthening


Level 1

Self Mastery
(60 Days)

“The first and best victory is
to conquer self.”

– Plato


Level 1 & 2

External Mastery
(90 Days)

“Success comes not from what we do but from how well,
and how often we do it.”

– Anonymous

LEVELS 1, 2 & 3

Levels 1,2,3

(120 Days)

“Be the change that you wish
to see in the world.”

– Gandhi


Level 1LEVEL 1

Self Mastery

(60 Days)

“When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” – Wayne Dyer


Level One of the program is called Self Mastery. It’s based on the premise that, when how we think changes, everything changes. As the name implies, at this level of the program, clients first focus on their own perspective.

We aren’t born with our thought processes and belief systems. We learn them. And some of our thought processes and beliefs get in our own way. In Level One of the program clients learn that in order to master the world around us, we first must master ourselves.

Rael helps you discover alternative perspectives that will serve you more effectively. He works with you to identify and integrate new directional activities into your day-to-day work and life. The activities are practical and tailored to the unique goals that you specifically want to achieve.

Clients from all sectors, and at all stages in their careers have found Level One, Self-Mastery, incredibly beneficial. Self Mastery helps you better understand and truly shift your perspective, enabling you to actualize the change you want to experience.

Self Mastery is helping hundreds of clients achieve change every day. Executives and managers are offering the OnCourse Self Mastery program to their top performers as an exclusive professional development benefit. Others are using OnCourse Self Mastery with their teams to drive real change in areas such as safety performance, operational excellence and generating growth in tough market conditions.
Levels 1 & 2LEVELS 1 & 2

External Mastery

(90 Days)

“Success comes not from what we do but from how well we do it.” – Anonymous


Level Two of the OnCourse program is called External Mastery. Once we have mastered our internal emotional state we now direct our focus toward ensuring that we are at the top of our game all day, every day.

Regardless of whether you wish to excel at bringing out the best in others at the workplace or shaving strokes off your golf game, Level Two enhances your skill level beyond anything you have experienced in the past – raising your performance to new heights.

Clients who have completed Level Two frequently comment on the ease with which their performance improved and the remarkable results that have followed, both short and long term.
Levels 1 & 2 & 3LEVELS 1 & 2 & 3


(120 Days)

“Fulfilment comes from doing what you love and loving what you do.” – Rael Kalley


Level Three of the OnCourse program is called Fulfilment. This part of the program builds on the clarity and discipline achieved in Level One, as well as the capability and competence reached in Level Two. Level Three serves to bring genuine and lasting fulfilment into all aspects of your daily life.

What Do Our Clients Think?

  • It’s like your own personalized 7 Habits [of Highly Effective People] course.

    VP, Oil & Gas Producer
  • “Supervisors who’ve taken the program are much better at seeing the big picture and seeking win-win solutions for corporate success.”

    Executive Director/Chief, Law Enforcement
  • “The OnCourse program embeds a discipline and stick-to-it-ness that’s invaluable.”

  • “The OnCourse program helped me make amazing and sustained improvements in our business. It’s brilliance is in its simplicity.”

    Partner, Business Consulting Practice
  • “It’s an excellent investment in executive development. It’s something you’ll take with you.”

    VP Finance, Oil & Gas Company
  • “If you want anyone on your team to better spot opportunities, and then execute effectively with joy, they need to take this [OnCourse] program.”