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Rael has helped hundreds of clients find success, because they change their beliefs, change their habits and ultimately, change their lives. Here is where you can sign up for workshops and buy his bestselling book.


Rael is a bestselling author. Here is where you get copies of his own book, "Life Sinks or Soars" as well as books from his team & those he recommends.


Our workshops are, in a word, lifechanging. Invest your time and effort, and you will see results.

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Rael's online workshops are shorter intensive training sessions from the comfort of your own home or office, to change your habits in just a few hours.

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Cover of "growing older living younger" by Dr. Gillian Lockitch

Growing Older, Living Younger: 

The Science of Aging Gracefully


The Growing Older, Living Younger Project will empower you to change your aging process at the cellular level, to feel vibrant, healthy and energetic as you age. Through the lens of epigenetic science, we will explore the small steps you can take on a daily basis, to change your aging trajectory and promote health span over lifespan. New research reveals that what you think, how you move, what you eat, how you interact with others, stimulate your mind or challenge yourself, can modulate expression of your genes. You inherit your genetic blueprint from your parents. But you construct the person that you become.

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"A unique new dimension in sales. It really works!"

Michael R., Regina SK

"The seminar teaches excellent and useful skills."

Don D., Calgary AB

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