Text says "Are you stifling discretionary effort?" and image is a stressed employee

Are You Stifling Discretionary Effort?

When a company focuses only on the bottom line, the employees lose their drive to give their discretionary effort. Read the blog to know a real life experience and its consequences for an organization.

Employee completing survey and the title "What’s Missing from Employee Engagement Surveys"

What’s Missing from Employee Engagement Surveys

Organizations use surveys as a means of “taking the temperature” of their culture by creating an opportunity for their staff members to express thoughts, ideas, and suggestions in a forum that is safe and anonymous. And anonymity has benefits, but also its limitations. Learn why.

Text says "Surviving the Great Resignation" and image is a employee quitting his job

Surviving the Great Resignation

Have you heard of “the Great Resignation?” In this blog, I share the recent experience I had with this phenomenon with a company struggling with employees’ dissatisfaction.

Text reading "The Problem With Most Politicians" and a man talking to reporters

The Problem With Most Politicians

What if politicians got fired for lying? Would we have any left? I think this is the problem with most politicians. They aren’t held to account, even at election time.