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The Time Has Come to Say Goodbye …

One of my favourite quotes reminds me that “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” It is time for me to heed that lesson and expand my own horizons by exploring new, diverse and exciting methods of reaching out to all of you and, hopefully, many others.

“Why” is Everything

We don’t give up on our dreams, hopes, goals and aspirations because we’re tired, or because it’s hard, because it’s taking too long, or because it hurts. No! We give up on our dreams, hopes goals and aspirations because we simply don’t want them badly enough, strongly enough or desperate enough.

The Truth is the Truth

In more than 25 years of working with hundreds of coaching clients, I have heard every imaginable reason for not doing the things they have acknowledged will lead them to achieving their goals and have committed to do. Countless clients have told me they will do “whatever it takes” to reach their goals only to hear them, several days or weeks later, explain why they didn’t or couldn’t.

We Must Change This

It was June 1976. I was living in Cape Town, South Africa and the country was in the grip of the deadliest race riots in its history.

Healing Begins with Acknowledgement

It takes tremendous courage and inner strength to bring about lasting change. That courage and inner strength needs an ignition source and it is our willingness – often only after a lengthy and painful battle – to acknowledge a deep and hurtful truth that will serve as the spark necessary for change to begin.

What We Put Up With Is What We End Up With

We will get through this and those who come out the strongest will be the folks who teach themselves how to make the intolerable tolerable and to focus, with laser precision on things within their control while paying little attention to anything else.