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Text says "Zoom Fatigue Problems & How to Fix" and a woman assisting a zoom call

Zoom Fatigue Problems & How to Fix

Every day it seems like new information is coming out about the effects of constant video calls on our lives, or “Zoom fatigue,” as they’re calling it. Learn more about this phenomenon and how to decrease its impact on your work life.

Employee completing survey and the title "What’s Missing from Employee Engagement Surveys"

What’s Missing from Employee Engagement Surveys

Organizations use surveys as a means of “taking the temperature” of their culture by creating an opportunity for their staff members to express thoughts, ideas, and suggestions in a forum that is safe and anonymous. And anonymity has benefits, but also its limitations. Learn why.

Text says "What To Do When You Want to Quit" and image is the sillouhette of a man holding a shield facing obstacles

What To Do When You Want to Quit

When someone tells me they want to quit something that’s been difficult for them, I always remember Winston Churchill. In this blog I tell you why.

A dog's new year's resolutions

A Dog’s New Year’s Resolutions

In this blog, I share with you the lessons my dog Malka has taught me over the years, and I think they are perfect to help you set your new year’s resolutions.

Text says "Surviving the Great Resignation" and image is a employee quitting his job

Surviving the Great Resignation

Have you heard of “the Great Resignation?” In this blog, I share the recent experience I had with this phenomenon with a company struggling with employees’ dissatisfaction.

Text says "Try This Instant Stress Reliever" and an image of a hand holding a stress ball

Try This Instant Stress Reliever

In today’s demanding society, it seems that everyone is “stressed to the max” about everything. In this blog, I tell you the shift you have to make to subside your stress instantly.

Are You a Good Role Model?

Each person with whom we interact throughout our lives is a role model, and we tend to focus on which of them are a good role model to follow. However, bad role models offer us valuable lessons too.

Text says "How to Stop Procrastination" and a man looking bored

How to Stop Procrastination

The tendency to procrastinate has become more common since the pandemic began. In this blog, I give you a practical tip to stop procrastinating.