Planning for 2022: One Thing to Remember

Planning for 2022: One Thing to Remember

If planning for 2022 is on your mind, you’re certainly not alone. We’re getting to the part of the year where most people give some thought to their hopes for the year ahead. If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that we can’t predict what the next will bring in any way. Still, a good portion of us set a New Year’s resolution and try to direct our lives anyway.

With fierce resolve, we commit to dramatic changes in our lives that, once attained, will allow us to soar to euphoric levels of joy and happiness that have eluded us so many times in the past, but this time will be different because this time we really mean it, promise we do we really do.

Because this time we have a plan. We are excited, pumped, motivated, ready. With New Year’s Day falling on a Saturday, there is a good chance we will even stick with these changes through the entire weekend and not bother discarding them until sometime on Monday.

For many of us, this is actually probably better than we have done in previous years.

Planning for 2022

What if this year we decided to commit to New Year’s resolutions that really make a difference? Not just in our lives but the lives of everyone around us.

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What if we DID work really, really, hard to achieve them? And what if each time we slipped up, instead of discarding the resolution altogether, we simply reminded ourselves to keep trying?

What if, on Dec. 31, 2022, we found ourselves profoundly changed by sticking to these few resolutions, changed so profoundly and so positively that even the thought of discarding them is anathema to us?

Would you be interested in that kind of resolution?

Here’s a Thought

There are two such resolutions that I think are genuinely worth considering.

First, let’s pledge that for the entire year of 2022, we will put aside our ability and willingness to judge.

That’s a tough one. It means that for a whole year, we will not criticize, make fun of, ridicule or in any way demean another human being. We will not make snide or sarcastic comments behind their backs, and we will not participate in or spread malicious gossip.

We will not gleefully pass on “dirt” to others and refrain from joining in conversations on topics that have nothing to do with us.

It means we will not argue in the comments section on the internet.

Do You Pass The Test?

Unless, of course, you can pass this test. 

If you can pass the following test, you are released from the above commitment. Please, feel free to judge, gossip, troll, and be as malicious and hurtful as your little heart desires.

Here’s the test. When you feel the urge to judge, criticize, gossip or condemn:

  1. Find the nearest mirror;
  2. Stare intently into it;
  3. Study it carefully, and,
  4. Look for any signs of imperfection.
  5. Examine the history of your life;
  6. Stare intently into it;
  7. Study it carefully; and,
  8. Look for any signs of imperfection.

If the mirror reflects only a perfect image, and if the history of your life reflects the same: perfection, no mistakes, no inappropriate behaviour, no poor decisions, no foolish actions, then you are indeed perfect. Then and only then are you qualified to judge.

Of course, if you are that perfect, you won’t be looking in the mirror because you won’t be feeling the urge to judge.

2022 Could Be Different

If the mirror reflects anything but perfection, you need to consider whether those imperfections could represent, for example, a tantalizing topic for others to gossip about, criticize, and judge.

Since any imperfection in our history permanently disqualifies us from ever achieving perfection, it seems fair to resolve to make 2022 the year of being judgment-free.

Stop Judging, Start Changing

I read recently that the single most repeated quote in the world, excluding biblical passages, is often attributed to Mohandas Gandhi.

Although the provenance of the quote is a bit suspect, you likely know the one I mean. It’s “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

A pretty powerful statement, encouraging all of us to be role models for what we want the world to be.

If you want people to be friendly – be friendly. If you want politeness – be polite. If you want punctuality – be on time. If you want an end to gossip – don’t gossip. If you want an end to whining – don’t whine.’ If you want an end to criticism – don’t criticize. If you want respect – be respectful. 

I think so many people gravitate to this quotation because we all instinctively know we have immense power to make positive change. 

What if we all did commit to withholding judgement and making the world a better place?

If you’re already planning for 2022, why not add this to your list?

Till we read again.

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