Change Your Mindset & Amazing Things Happen

Change Your Mindset & Amazing Things Happen

Last time we talked about the ubiquity of labels. They’re everywhere.

We discussed how much our lives are influenced by labels and how the labels we hang on others contribute mightily to the way we interact with them and the way in which we interpret their behaviour.

And I shared with you one of the most powerful, and best kept secrets of our times.

I taught you the secret that millions have spent their lives trying to discover – the magical way by which you can transform anyone into exactly what you want them to be.

Labelling People

Simply label them with what you want, stand back and watch magic in action.

They will instantly transform into whatever that label means to you.

Every time.

If you don’t believe me, take a moment to investigate one of the label types we didn’t address last week. Those very labels we have placed on ourselves. And so proudly wear on every conceivable occasion.

You know the ones I mean.

The ones we seek every opportunity to confirm.

The ones we remind ourselves of daily – as if we would ever give ourselves a chance to forget them. 

These labels define us, they remind us constantly of who we are. And they keep us in our place.

Self Doubt

They are always there when we need them.

Especially on those rare occasions when we do something that is less than perfect.

They instantly help make our mistakes more palatable by reminding us that we should not be surprised or disappointed by our performance.

After all, we just simply met the expectations set out by our own labels.

And many of us have many of them.




Not good enough.

Never do anything right.

Never succeed at anything.




Waste of skin.

This list is by no means complete. Please feel free to add your own favourites.

Mindset Matters

As you can see these labels are very important to us. They keep us focussed on who we really are.

So it is very important that we protect them at all costs, and make sure they are always kept in a safe place.

Imagine if the unthinkable happened and we lost them.

Our lives would be turned upside down. We wouldn’t know what to think of ourselves.

Imagine not being self-critical at all times, instead of beating ourselves up and second guessing everything we do.

Instead of expecting the worst.

The Power of Positive Labels

We might even begin to think differently of ourselves, and start applying new labels.

Like intelligent.




Even confident.

If we start calling ourselves words like that, we start to run the risk of living up to those labels.

That would mean viewing ourselves in a whole new light, and seeing tomorrow’s possibilities in what had always been yesterday’s wishful thinking.

We might even start believing in our own abilities, delivering on all the promises of our new labels, and unleashing our incredible, new found potential.

If we really commit, we might start experiencing more happiness, fulfillment and joy, made possible by the simple fact that no matter what the label says, we will always live up to expectations.

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So, whatever you do, hold on to those old labels that have served you so well. Protect them at all costs, lest this happen to you.

Till we read again.

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