Time to Meet Your Goals 

Hiring a life coach helps you set goals and reach them, and Strategic Pathways Personal Coaching Calgary can help you personally or professionally. Most counselling, therapy or mentoring programs focus on your behaviour. 

Strategic Pathways Personal Coaching Calgary is different. Instead of focusing on your behaviours, we focus on your beliefs. It’s what you choose to believe that drives your actions.

When you choose to change what you believe, everything changes, in amazing ways.

The OnCourse Program

Strategic Pathways Personal Coaching Calgary offers a proprietary coaching method, which is called OnCourse. The OnCourse Program helps people develop the thinking they need to produce the results they want.

Hiring a professional life coach helps you achieve your goals. This program makes you the architect of your own life. You are responsible for maximizing your success and creating the life you’ve always wanted.

The changes you make using OnCourse are more likely to stick, because the program changes the thinking that has been holding you back. Our clients are thrilled with the success they’ve achieved using it.

How Can Strategic Pathways Personal Coaching Calgary Help you Reach Your Goals?

Corporate Coaching Benefits

  • Executive Development: help your leaders make better decisions.

  • Team Building: increase sales, advance performance and improve culture.

  • Innovation: bring out your potential through employee development.


Personal Coaching Benefits

  • Career Navigation: increase your sales, or get that promotion.

  • Job Search: sell your skills and experience in a tough job market.

  • Weight Loss/ Addiction Recovery: lose weight, quit smoking, or conquer other addictions.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The second best time is now.”


Chinese Proverb