103. Check this out

103. Check this out


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Hi Everyone,

It’s been a very long time since I last put pen to paper – actually, paw to keyboard – and I’m sure you, my legions of adoring fans, have been wondering where I’ve been hiding.

I have been wanting to chat with all of you for a long time but Rael is such a blog hog that he hasn’t allowed me anywhere near the laptop until today, when I expressed some of my concerns to him and he reluctantly agreed to let me write this week’s posting.

You see, something special happened to me today that got me thinking and I felt it imperative that I share these important thoughts with all of you.

Today I went to see Dr. Joe for my annual physical. This is very important and I hope all of you are doing the same thing.

As those of you who know me will all attest, I am adorably cute and the purpose of my annual visit to Dr. Joe is to determine whether I look as good on the inside as I do on the outside.

Dr. Joe, as usual, did a thorough job of examining me. He truly is a professional although I must admit that one of the things that he does each time hardly qualifies as gentlemanly behaviour.

It seems I am in perfect health which means I indeed looked as adorable on the inside as I do on the outside.

No surprise there.

We live just a few blocks from Dr. Joe’s office and as I was walking Rael and Gimalle back to the condo I began to ask myself how many of you have regular checkups?

I don’t mean the kind where they give you the once over, check your BP, shove a piece of wood down your throat, spend a nanosecond looking into your eyes and ears and then perform some kind of test that would get them arrested anywhere else.

And then send you off to have blood work done and you never hear from then again.

I mean the kind of self check-up where you examine yourself closely to determine how you are living your life.

Please allow me to explain.

In my professional career as a hug therapist I meet many people every day. It sometimes seems that my work life is simply a blur, going from meeting to meeting to meeting.

And as I perform my hug duties I listen very carefully to what people are saying. And it really surprises me how many people live their lives weighed down by the heavy burden of negative emotion.

I hear a lot of the following:








Self victimizing.


And it doesn’t have to be like that.

As I listen to their tales (I have a tail of my own), I have no doubt that many of these people have experienced events in their lives that have caused them great pain. Many of these folks have suffered greatly. Many are clawing their way back from devastating experiences.

And as I meet the same people over and over again, I hear the same expressions of misery (see above list) again and again.

Then today I realized that what these folks really would benefit from is a regular check up. I think it would be enormously beneficial for them to take the time and really examine themselves to determine what they are attracting into their lives.

You see, by their repeated actions, those folks I was referring to above are re-experiencing all of the pain that they felt first when these terrible aforementioned things happen to them. They are bringing these emotions back to themselves over and over.

And I think I know why.

It’s because they don’t check themselves. They don’t do regular self-examinations to see what they are bringing into their lives.

They don’t check to evaluate how much negativity they are carrying around wherever they go.

There is a school of thought out there that believes that when we talk negatively and complain and whine and blame and point fingers we also flood our lives with feelings of despair and misery even if our circumstances have improved far beyond where they were when these terrible things happened to us.

And when we do this, we start to view the entire world as being a negative place to be.

A rival hypothesis suggests that if we do the opposite we will feel the opposite. If we flood our very being with positive, up raising, inspirational thoughts and statements our lives will be rich with joy regardless of our circumstances.

Which is why having regular check-ups are so crucial.

I do daily checkups to ensure that I am always happy and bubbly. If my check-up reveals anything negative in my head, I bark vigorously until it goes away.

And because I am always happy and upbeat, everyone loves me.

The sad truth for so many of us is that while we may be extremely beautiful on the outside, if we live our lives with constant negative talk our insides will be withering and dying.

A regular check-up will catch this while it is still small and there is time for it to be contained.

Early detection allows for treatment that is fairly simple. Smile, laugh, have positive thoughts, and expect great things to happen.  

The great news about this kind of check up is that even very late detection still allows for the condition to be fully reversed regardless of its severity.

So my friends please make time for regular checkups. I want each of you to be as beautiful on the inside as I am.

I want each of you to be just like me – a truly happy, life loving puppy.

And, if during your regular check-up your happen to discover some negative thoughts?

Try barking vigorously.

Or eating worms.

It really works.

Love you all,


Till we read again.

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