107. What a gift a friend is.

107. What a gift a friend is.

Earlier this week I was talking on the phone with a person who had called to share his thoughts regarding my book Life Sinks or Soars – the Choice is Yours.

He mentioned that in addition to the many lessons he had gained from the book, he had been deeply moved by the decades long close friendship of its two characters Earl and Hugh.

The book is a parable. It is the story of one man’s struggle to discover his true self.

It is also a story of friendship and love. Of how two people, whose lives were often separated by vast geographic distances and extraordinarily different experiences, maintained a friendship whose bonds grew stronger with each passing decade.

I have been blessed by a lifetime of wonderful friendships that have truly convinced me to believe that the quality of our lives is indeed the quality of our relationships.

Today I would like to tell you about one of them.

My friendship with this person goes back more than 15 years.

It began with one of those rare magical moments in life when you know at the moment of that first meeting that a special relationship that will last interminably into the future has just been born.

And ever since this person has been not just my best friend but the best friend anyone could ever wish for.

She has played many roles in my life but the one that has had the most profound effect on me has been that of teacher.

From her I have learned:

–          Love

–          Generosity

–          Kindness

–          Humility

–          Sensitivity

–          Humour

–          Caring

–          Sharing

–          Acceptance

–          Forgiveness

–          Discipline

–          Commitment

–          Focus

–          Determination

–          Respect

–          Calmness

–          Compassion

–          Non judgement

She has become the rock upon which I lean to rest when I don’t know which way to turn.

She is the resource I turn to whenever I am in need of a brilliant thought or a shot of inspiration.

She is the calm analyst who dissects my steady flow of brilliant and fuzzy ideas and redirects them into sensible compartments of possibility.

She is the soothing voice of comfort and reassurance who is always there to steady me at those times when I am riddled with self doubt and fading confidence.

She is a person whose company I cherish even when our time is spent just being and not necessarily doing.

She has an intellect that is intimidating to be around.

She has a gift for simplifying the unfathomably complicated.

She has a knack for seeing the good in everyone.

She is one of those rare people who possess that elusive trait called common sense.

She has a delightful sense of humour.

Her name is Gimalle.

She is my wife which means she also has superb taste.

And she is the best friend anyone could ever wish for.

And I love her more than life itself.

And she is causing a huge problem in my life.

As she does every year around this time.

You see, her birthday is this Thursday, August 25th.

And, like every other year she is refusing to cooperate.

Did I mention her mule-like stubbornness?

So when I ask if there is anything special she would like for her birthday.

The answer, like every other year, is “No.”

And when I ask what she would like to do to celebrate her birthday.

The answer, like every other year is “Nothing.”

So I need your help.

Any suggestions?

Oh, and please, if you have a moment, send me an email wishing her a Happy Birthday.

And I will forward all of them to her.

And she will think I worked really hard to collect all these greetings.

And she will be extremely appreciative.

And as all married men will attest, the quality of our lives is directly proportional to the degree by which we, moment by moment, are valued by our wives.

And she will realize how lucky she is to be married to someone as wonderful and caring as I am.

Which we all know to be true.

Till we read again.

P.S. I have received numerous emails from people saying how much they enjoyed the review of my book Life Sinks – the Choice is Yours. Please click here and let me know what you think.

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  1. Beautifully written, Rael!! This is another of your best. The one thing that stands out as a wonderful birthday present for Gimalle is this: Give her the very best of you in every way you can think of! She will honor you and your white horse forever. (Remember, this is a woman talking, so there might be an inkling of truth in this). ;o) Blessings to both of you always. You are a special couple.


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