109. Give yourself per-mission

109. Give yourself per-mission

 My wife, Gimalle and Malka, our little Shih-Tzu/Dachshund have a game they like to play.

I would play too but, as you all know, I am far to adult and mature to be playing silly games with dogs.

The game goes something like this: Gimalle selects one of Malka’s toys, shows it to her and then hides it somewhere in the condo.

Malka’s job is, of course, to find the toy and bring it back to Gimalle.

I was watching Malka the other evening as this game was unfolding and she was venturing from room to room, methodically searching every possible hiding place for any clue that would reveal the whereabouts of her hidden toy.

As I witnessed the determination with which she was undertaking this task I realized something very interesting.

Not once did she give up and go on to something else. The more creative Gimalle became in placing the toy in ever more difficult to find spots, the more zealous Malka became in her determination to find it.

And each time she was successful in locating her toy she would celebrate with one or more victory laps around the condo before depositing the toy at Gimalle’s feet as if imploring her to do better next time.

It was as if Malka undertook each successive search with a clearly defined strategy that looked something like this:

Goal: Find toy and return to Gimalle.

Action Plan:    Find toy.

                        Look for toy

                        Keep looking for toy.

                        Don’t quit looking for toy.

                        Stay focussed on looking for toy.

                        Remember that finding toy is more important than not finding toy.

                       Objective is to find toy therefore only available choice is to keep looking for toy.

For Malka, this was not a game.

This was serious business that demanded a disciplined approach.

This was a mission.

And the mission would not end until she found the toy and returned it to Gimalle.

Failure was not an option.

And as I watched her total commitment to her objective, her determination to succeed regardless of barriers and her absolute immersion in the task at hand I began to wonder how much our lives would improve if we adopted and embraced the Malka Model of Success.

What if, instead of setting goals, making plans or having objectives we went on missions and affirmed these to ourselves by the language we use?

“I’m on a mission to quit smoking.”

“I’m on a mission to lose 6olbs.”

“I’m on a mission to be debt-free in 6 months.

“I’m on a mission to work out three times every week.”

“I’m on a mission to complete my degree within 2 years.”

“I’m on a mission to read a book each week.”

“I’m on a mission to become a world class speaker.”

“I’m on a mission to …”

“I’m on a mission to …”

“I’m on a mission to …”

Malka taught me that there is only one possible end to a mission. It only ends when the reason for the mission is achieved.

When we’re on a mission we can’t quit because we’re tired, rationalize reasons for going off course, put it off until tomorrow, change our minds because we don’t feel like doing what must be done or give up because it’s too hard.

No! A mission cannot end until the objective is accomplished.

That’s just the way it is.

No lame excuses. No self-serving rationalizations. No feel good justifications.

Just relentless commitment to the task at hand until victory is achieved.

It’s that simple.

So think about it.

Whatever you want, make it your mission until you achieve it.

If you’re not sure how to start, call me.

Malka and I will come over and hide your toys.

Till we read again.

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  1. Malka! Hide my laptop … quick! Now! ;o)
    Great analogy, Rael. Those lessons from observing everyday smple things are just amazing, aren’t they? And who cannot feel inspired by watching how dogs live? They teach the importance of love, play, determination, and living in the moment.
    Keep the blogs coming!


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