14. What do you expect from me?

14. What do you expect from me?

Well it finally happened, I finally did it.

I had resisted for so long. I was saving myself for just the right moment. I cannot tell you the number of times I said “no, not yet, I’m not ready” and felt proud of my decision despite listening to my friends incessant chatter about how wonderful it is.

They were all doing it. They kept telling me how much fun it was. One of my friends breathlessly told me that she was doing it more than 6 times each day but I just felt that it wasn’t the right time for me yet.

I knew I wasn’t ready.

And then it happened. I remember it oh so well. It was a cold, snowy Saturday night. It was at my place, the wine was flowing, the fireplace was making that magical crackling sound, “Weird Al” Yankovic was softly wafting through the speakers.

It just felt right.

“Why not,” I asked myself, “I’ve waited so long, I’ve sacrificed so much.”

So I did it. I surrendered my twiginity. Yes, I tweeted.

And it was nothing like I had expected. There was no drum roll, no flashing lights, the earth didn’t budge.

I felt a wave of disappointment roll over me as soon as I touched UPDATE and realized it was all over.

Surely there had to be more? So I did it again. Nothing

Since then I’ve tried twice more. Same result. Anti-climax.

My friends have been extremely supportive through all this. They keep reminding me not to give up, that the more I do it the better I’ll get and that I should do it with as many people as possible. They even said I should do it with groups. Large groups.

Just what kind of person do they think I am?

They tell me that for this to really be fun I have to follow people and encourage people to follow me.

I thought we had laws against that?

If any of you are thinking of following me, I’ll save you the trouble. Here’s my life;

Monday through Friday I go to the office. Malka comes with me. I work, she pees on the carpet.

Saturday, laundry.

Sunday, groceries. Sometimes, to add spice, watch Monk reruns.

Monday through Friday I go to the –sorry, already covered that.

I am trying to teach Horatio, our parrot, to say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. It’s not going well.

So here’s the deal. I’ll tweet more often if you follow me. As an added bonus, I’ll follow you too.

Perhaps we can meet sometime for twea.

Here’s the point. It dawned on me several years ago that there really is only one cause of conflict and stress in our lives.

We experience conflict, anger, disappointment, stress, etc,. when our expectations are not met.

So the better we become at setting and managing expectations, the less stress and conflict in our lives.

Really simple isn’t it? We’ll talk much more about that another time.

So I expect each of you to encourage your friends to subscribe to my blog.

Even if you have to twick them into doing that.

Till we read again.

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