141. Amazing people make for amazing days

141. Amazing people make for amazing days

Yesterday was a fabulous day.

I am one of those fortunate people who have been blessed by loving what they do, so for me, going to work is never a chore, it’s an adventure filled with great anticipation every day.

And yesterday was one of those magical days that reminded me just how fortunate I truly am.

The morning began with having coffee with a colleague whose company I really enjoy and appreciate and was followed by two client meetings.

But the afternoon was, well, spectacular.

I spent several hours in the afternoon with five people who dazzled me.

For the past year I have been fortunate enough to facilitate a leadership development program for three groups of twelve people all of whom work for a local organization.

These 36 people were subdivided into six teams and each team was asked, at the onset of the program, to develop an idea or a concept that would benefit their organization in any way they saw fit.

They were given wide latitude and total discretion in their choice of topic.

They were told at the time that they would have one year to develop the project, complete the necessary research, create a business plan for explaining how the project would benefit the organization and then present their ideas and business plan to the senior management of their organization and a select group of invited guests.

These presentations are scheduled to take place next week and I was asked to attend the final meeting of one of the groups as they completed their preparations and rehearsal for the presentation.

This particular team consists of five members all of whom were present and four of whom had come in for the presentation even though they were on one of their days off from work.

I was not prepared for what I was about to experience.

Remember these five people barely knew each other a year ago. They were randomly selected to work together and were provided with absolutely no resources [money, equipment etc.] to complete the project.

They also knew, as did all members of the other five teams, that there would be no reward for completion of their projects nor would there be any reprisal for recrimination for failure to do so.

They stood to gain, or lose, absolutely nothing.

And so they began the rehearsal of the presentation.

And it immediately became clear to me that I was in the presence of consummate professionals.

You know the type – nothing but excellence is ever good enough.

Their presentation was masterful.

It was brilliant.

And it showed the magic that occurs when passion, commitment, determination and focus hook up with  professionalism, pride, teamwork and the willingness to take risks.

I loved their presentation.

And loved it again when, not satisfied with their delivery, they rehearsed it again.

And I can’t wait until next week when I see it again – and five more presentations delivered by five groups of equally motivated and  passionate people.

Each of whom gave freely of themselves and their time for no reason other than because they wanted to and because personal pride would never allow them to even consider doing otherwise.

All too often we encounter people whose lives are governed by a perverse sense of entitlement – they expect that everything should be provided to them, they will offer, or do, nothing without reward or compensation, the thought of giving more than they get is anathema to them and they view any inconvenience as a personal attack.

And then they complain about the conspiracy that prevents them from ever receiving rewards like promotions and other career enhancing opportunities.

The folks I have worked with for the past year are the very antithesis of this type of sad thinking.

They have freely given of themselves and their time – many are shift workers who frequently attended sessions on their days off – to contribute to their own success and the success of their team projects.  

They have taught me much and I am so proud of them.

What a privilege it’s been working with them.

I truly am blessed.

I love my job.

Can you say that?

Till we read again.

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