175. A habit worth fighting for.

175. A habit worth fighting for.

If it’s true that the truth will set you free then The Habit of Acknowledging Your Imperfections is one we need all adopt into our lives, for freedom means being unchained and far too many of us have spent years shackled to a truth we refuse to admit to for reasons known only onto ourselves.

In discussing The Habit of Acknowledging Your Imperfections over the past two weeks I have had numerous conversations with people who shared the difficulties they had in reaching the point in their lives when they were willing to acknowledge the personal truths they had spent years hiding, ignoring or simply refuting.

“We can’t change what we don’t acknowledge,” is a platitude that cannot be repudiated and yet so many of us spend years of our lives desperately trying to change things we pretend don’t exist.

I listened as some folks shared with me the lengths to which they went to bury the truth and the façade they stepped into in order to mask their pain and bury their shame so ass to try and convince the world that had it all together

Sadly, we live in a world where appearances count, image means everything and our true worth as humans plays a second role to what we look like on the outside.

Status has become more important than value and how we present ourselves to the world is valued more highly than who we are.

To this end it is easy to understand how readily we can become trapped in the fear of being exposed for being less than what we wish to portray to the world.

The Habit of Acknowledging Your Imperfections is what we acquire when we reach that point in our lives when our future happiness becomes more important than what others think of us and even more important than our need to delude ourselves into believing that what is, isn’t.

If there is a string of common experiences shared by all those who have called to discuss what happened in their lives the moment they excepted The Habit of Acknowledging Your Imperfections as part of their reality, it is the incredible feeling of relief that accompanies the “confessions” they all experienced when finally, in some cases after years of refusal to acknowledge the truth, they elected to acknowledge their deepest, darkest secrets.

Bravery is never measured by heroic acts performed despite near-paralyzing fear, it is instead measured by the inner strength required to dig deep inside oneself and confront the very demons that have enslaved us for many years.

Interestingly, when we finally bring those truths out and hold them up to the cold, hard light of day for close examination they are not nearly as intimidating or terrifying as they had seemed to be all those years they were hiding in that dark place within us.

Of all the habits we have discussed, The Habit of Acknowledging Your Imperfections may be one of the most difficult to assume but few can ever compare to the incredible sense of victory and personal power that accompanies our adoption of this habit.

And for that reason acquiring The Habit of Acknowledging Your Imperfections is not optional.

Nor would we want it to be.

Let’s make a habit of meeting like this.


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