185. Stop putting up with it.

185. Stop putting up with it.

If it’s true that patience is a virtue, then we might assume that tolerance is a desirable character trait.

That being the case you may wonder about the habit we will be discussing for the next three weeks: The Habit of Intolerance.

The Habit of Intolerance is about understanding the role and degree of ownership we each have in all areas of our lives.

Many of us spend years battling the same demons, challenges, relationships and situations that continue to bring anxiety, stress, frustration and a whole host of other negative emotions into our being.

Yes, it is probably true to say that we have at times made (half-hearted and feeble) attempts to introduce permanent change and yet we seem to always drift back to the status quo that is the cause of so much angst.

Why do we keep doing this to ourselves?

The answer is simple: we get what we tolerate.

This exceedingly powerful statement projects truth with each word. It is a constant reminder that the only reason why we keep dealing with the same things year after year without ever enjoying permanent differences is because we are willing to.

Despite all protestations to the contrary it is self-evident and that unless we adopt The Habit of Intolerance as a mainstay of our actions we will continue the ups and downs that have become our norm.

The Habit of Intolerance stands on guard right in front of us at all times to remind us that until we will no longer tolerate events and behaviours of ourselves and others, we will never successfully implement any system or process of long-term change.

Intolerance, as intended for use with The Habit of Intolerance is not only a virtue but is an essential attribute that will spare us many years of pain and frustration.

To the extent that we pay attention to what this habit is telling us and then choose to no longer put up, year after year, with those very things that consistently drive us crazy, our resolve will strengthen, a determination will expand and our commitment to long-lasting change will stay in place.

The Habit of Intolerance is one we must hold on to with great strength for to not do so potentially puts us in that pitiful group of folks who whine about the same things day after day, week after week, year after year and yet will not take the necessary steps to rid themselves of those very things that take up so much negative energy.

It is almost as if they not only tolerate those things, but need them in their lives as an anchor to rest on in order to provide comfort in their own misery.

It has long been said that pain is the catalyst to change and it is only when we reach that I can’t take it anymore moment that we will truly take the necessary action to bring about different outcomes.

Getting what we tolerate is a dominant force in our lives and one that we need take very seriously for to not do so is to run the risk of years of unnecessary heartache and frustration.

The Habit of Intolerance is a very fast method of preventing this.

Simply put, if you don’t want it then stop putting up with it.

The choice is yours.

Let’s make a habit of meeting like this.

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