19. Treat me like you love me

19. Treat me like you love me

Gimalle and Malka
The unbreakable bond between a mother and a daughter

Dear Gimalle,

 Last week I wrote to Rael because I had something very important I wanted to get off my chest and now I am directing my attention to you.

 I want to tell you how much I appreciate you bringing me into your home and welcoming me into the family.

 I realize that I haven’t always lived up to your expectations and that I definitely added to your workload by constantly doing things that you had to clean up but I want you to know that all that took place during my early, formative months and that now, at 9 months of age, I am ready to accept the responsibilities that go along with adulthood.

 I know there have been a few moments where my behaviour has caused you frustration and yet I have never felt judged by you. You have given me almost unconditional love and that means a lot. 

Also, I really appreciate the equality you bring to our relationship. You allow me to jump up on the furniture and stay as long as I wish. I know you do this because you understand that if one person can use the furniture then everyone can use the furniture. Otherwise you would be practicing double standards and we all know what a slippery slope that is.

I was a little miffed with you once and that was when you sent me for surgery but now that I’ve had a chance to think about it, you did the right thing. After all, we need to do a lot of repairs to this world before we start bringing more kids into it.

I just wish Rael could learn to be as wise and understanding as you. He treats me quite harshly sometimes. For example, if I start barking when he’s in a meeting it only takes a moment before I hear this angry voice yelling “shut up, Malka.” He doesn’t seem to understand that barking is my way of releasing pent up emotions and that if I don’t do that, if I keep them all inside of me, I’ll end up just like him.

Or, if I jump up on the furniture he immediately yells at me to get off and then he reprimands me and says things like “you should know better.” He’s the one who should know better. He should know about treating everyone equally.  Perhaps you can train him to be more like you. 

Personally, if you want my honest opinion, Gimalle, I think he’s consumed with jealousy. Whenever I take him for a walk (getting him off the couch is a whole other story) people always stop us to say how cute and beautiful I am and to ask if they can pet me. I bet that in his whole life no-one has ever stopped him to say how cute he is and I’m sure no-one has ever offered to pet him.

Just between us girls, I don’t find him cute at all and those “accidents” on the carpet at his office that he complains to you about? To tell you the truth, they aren’t accidents.

I didn’t ask to be irresistibly adorable so I wish he would stop punishing me for it.

As a published author you appreciate the value of sharing information that enhances people’s lives. I feel the same way so the main purpose of this note to you is to remind everyone that people will always treat us the way we train them. So if we treat them nicely, they will be nice to us.

I learned that in my first nine months on this planet. I don’t know why it takes some people so long to figure it out. I have come to believe that some of you humans aren’t as bright as you think you are.

Please tell everyone to be nice.

By the way, did you notice how much my spelling has improved since last week? That’s another important lesson; if you’re going to write, learn to spell. Otherwise you look like a shmuck, whatever that is 

Anyway Gimalle, that’s about it. I really appreciate the love you give me.

Thanks again. You’re my hero.

Don’t tell Rael this, but you’re my favourite.

I love you,


Till we read again.

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