HABITS #196 – Why be consistent? Good outcomes.

HABITS #196 – Why be consistent? Good outcomes.

Last week I introduced The Habit of Consistency and a strange thing happened.

Over the seven years since I published my first blog, I have received calls from people inquiring about the type of work I do. On a few occasions these calls have led to meetings and occasionally these meetings have led to acquiring new clients.

The process from posting a blog to having the person agree to work with me usually unfolds over several weeks or even several months.

As is my custom, I post a blog under the Habits Cause Have Its title every Wednesday morning and last Wednesday was no exception.

Around 2PM that afternoon my phone rang. The person on the other end introduced himself as Tony and went on to say that for several months he has been thinking of hiring a coach to work with him, has met and interviewed several and, despite having never met me, he decided earlier that morning to hire me.

In my 25 years of providing coaching services I have never been hired by a client over the phone without first having met them in person or, at the very least, completed several lengthy telephone discussions.

Naturally, I was curious and, after thanking Tony (and complimenting him on a very wise choice), I asked him what had prompted his decision.

Tony told me that he and I have been connected on LinkedIn for several years (we have never met) and that he has been reading both of my weekly blogs since the day we first connected.

Earlier that morning he had been reading my blog about The Habit of Consistency when it dawned on him that both of my blogs appear on his LinkedIn feed like clockwork every week, one on Saturdays and one on Wednesdays.

He then went to my LinkedIn profile and verified that, in fact, my blogs were posted twice a week going back a lot longer than he has been reading them and that was when he decided that I was the coach he wanted to work with

He explained that it was my blog on The Habit of Consistency that opened his eyes to the fact that I practice consistency with unfailing regularity. Tony has long believed that a vital characteristic of achieving success is inextricably linked to The Habit of Consistency.

He went on to tell me that having published blogs without ever missing a beat gave him confidence that by working with me he could develop and apply similar consistency to his own life, hence the phone call.

I suggested to Tony that as flattered as I was by his decision, it would be a good idea for us to meet and spend little time getting to know each other before finalizing an agreement.

I spent a delightful hour with Tony on Friday and we scheduled a date for our work to begin next week.

I have long been a believer in the power of consistency and Tony’s call to me last week, and our subsequent meeting, confirmed both its importance and necessity if we wish to produce results of value.

The Habit of Consistency is a powerful ally and one that I invite each of you to explore with the intention of habituating this practice into your own very being.

It’s a wonderful habit to get into.

Plus, it pays really well.

Let’s make a habit of meeting like this.

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