HABITS #199 – Stop Procrastinating

HABITS #199 – Stop Procrastinating

Today marks a first.

This is, I believe, the first time I am posting a blog that was written a week prior.

And it feels good.

Last week I introduced The Habit of Planning Ahead after poor planning and circumstances left me determined to do a better job of being prepared.

As mentioned, it has long been my intention to build an inventory of blogs that I could draw upon in a pinch and, despite being aware of the benefit this would afford me I have, with perfection of execution, kept delaying this practice by convincing myself that I would get around to it really soon.

I am finding this blog extremely easy to write because I am unencumbered by time and urgency and if, in fact, I do not complete it today, I still have the better part of a full week in which to get it done.

Interestingly, as I’m writing this, ideas for future blogs and future habits are flooding through my head resulting in a list being compiled that will help with a quick-start on the blog inventory I have long wished for.

I know it is far too early to claim victory and proclaim that I have secured The Habit of Planning Ahead into my everyday life, but I’m already beginning to see immense benefit in doing so.

I anticipate getting used to the feeling of being truly organized. It is one that I have never experienced before and, in fact, may not immediately recognize it. The idea of carrying The Habit of Planning Ahead into all areas of my life is one I am finding to be truly stimulating and I’m looking forward to doing so because my ability to optimize my time effectiveness skills can only  increase he more this habit becomes installed within me.

My long-suffering wife, Gimalle, will gladly attest to the fact that my procrastination skills have soundly defeated her training abilities to the point that she long ago wrote me off as a hopeless case.

When I shared with her my newfound commitment to The Habit of Planning Ahead her relief was palpable and, once she had picked herself up from the floor, offered her unqualified support in helping me make this a part of my life.

We have often talked of the difficulties and challenges in changing habits and we have agreed that old habits do not die hard simply because they never die. We know the only way to remove an unwanted habit from its insidious connection to us is to replace it with a new one.

The old one will not disappear, it will simply slink off and hide in the deepest, darkest recesses of our minds waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce back and retake its rightful place in our lives.

I am determined not to allow that experience to happen to me.

The cynic in me is whispering that it is far too early on this journey to have any sense of permanence and I know the temptation to put off writing this Saturday’s blog until Saturday morning will soon make an appearance.

I have a plan to fool it.

Just as soon as I’m finished writing this blog, I will make a start on the one for Saturday.

I may not finish it all today but I most certainly will do so a full 48 hours before it is posted.

And I will feel really good for having done so.

I am finally going to show this procrastination habit who is boss around here. And it’s not going to like it.

Let’s make a habit of meeting like this.

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