20. We all have what it takes.

20. We all have what it takes.

I have known Jeanie for a very long time. In all that time she has served as an exemplary role model to her two children by virtue of her tireless work ethic fueled by her determination to give her kids the kind of life she and her husband had envisioned for the family before their dreams were shattered by the selfish actions of a drunk driver who stole her husband’s life around the time their youngest child was just starting to speak.

I first met Jeanie when she was working for one of my client companies. She had attended several training sessions and always stayed behind to ask questions. She was sponge-like in her quest for information and was an absolute pleasure to work with.

As the years went by we stayed in touch and I was kept apprised of the headway her kids were making as they progressed through their school years while Jeanie was always seeking opportunities to become a better provider for her family.

And so I was delighted when she called a few months ago and asked if we could meet for a chat.

Jeanie was trying to make a decision. She had purchased a few products from a colleague who had a home-based business and had been pleasantly surprised at how much and how quickly she had come to enjoy using these products.

She had mentioned her satisfaction to the friend who had sold her these products and so it came as no surprise when her friend recommended that she involve itself in this business in her spare time as a means of supplementing the income from her full-time employment.

Her friend pointed out that it was possible for her, over time, to replace, and vastly exceed her present income and that this was the opportunity to provide for her family in ways she had never imagined possible.

Jeanie told me she was quite intrigued at the prospect of building her own business but there was a nagging question in the back of her mind that would not go away.

The question she was repeatedly asking herself, while trying to make this decision was, “Do I have what it takes to be successful in this business?”

In order to answer that question I suggested to Jenny that we make a list of everything that it takes to become successful in that business.

It turned out to be a fairly short list.

  1. Learn everything you can about the products you are providing. Jenny acknowledged that she has the ability to learn this.
  2. Learn everything you can about how the business works. Jenny acknowledged that she has the ability to learn this.
  3. Talk to everyone you meet. Jenny acknowledged that she is fluent in English, is articulate and knows how to speak to people.
  4. Teach steps 1 through 3 to everyone who joins you in the business. Jenny acknowledged that she has the ability to do this.

Last week we discussed the Habit of Modeling Success. We talked about the irrefutable fact that success leaves clues and if we simply model the behaviors of successful people we will produce results similar to theirs.

Rarely do we have to blaze new trails. Others have done that for us. All we have to do is follow them.

Once we had determined that she has the ability to do all that is necessary to succeed, I suggested to Jeanie she had been asking herself the wrong question.

The question to ask is not, “Do I have what it takes to be successful in this business?”

The question is “Will I do what it takes to be successful in this business?”

This is the question that most of us need ask ourselves each and every time we set out to achieve some type of goal for ourselves.

Rarely is our likelihood of success determined by whether we have the ability to do what is necessary to achieve success. Almost always we have the ability in abundance. The question is do we have the will.

It’s not can we do it? It’s will we do it?

A simple yes or no question.

If the answer is no, we have to be honest enough with ourselves to acknowledge this is a choice that we are consciously making.  It has nothing to do with our comfort zone. Our comfort zone expands directly in proportion to our will to succeed.

If our honest answer is no, we do not want success strongly enough. It is not important enough.

If the answer is yes, we magically combine the ability we all have in abundance with an unflinching will to succeed to form an unstoppable force.

And then the Habit of Modeling Success will propel us to dizzying heights.

And that’s where my friend Jeanie is now headed.

Let’s make a habit of meeting like this.

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