210. Wanted: A new life.

210. Wanted: A new life.

Last week I wrote about the pride I was feeling in a new coaching program “Boot Camp for Your Brain” that I recently introduced through my company. I talked somewhat of the means by which the program was developed and bragged a little bit about the early results.

I guess in doing so I think I unintentionally offended some people as I have received more “unsubscribe” notifications to this blog this past week than I have ever received in in entire month before.

If an apology is expected then I hereby apologize although, to be honest, I’m not quite sure of what I am apologizing for.

At the risk of inviting even more “unsubscriptions” next week I would like to talk about the remarkable stories I have had the pleasure of listening to this past week in meetings with people who are engaged in this coaching experience.

From Tuesday morning through Friday afternoon I met with 16 people either in person or by phone who were engaged in their second of the six sessions that form the “Boot Camp for Your Brain” experience.

These folks have been engaged in this process for between two and four weeks. Here is what they said to me.

One of my client’s described a feeling of peacefulness that materialized on the fourth day of this program and has deepened each day since. She described this as a feeling she has never experienced before and that while her life is still challenged by the same issues she was facing when she began, this newfound calmness is providing her with a level of clarity and focus that is enabling her to explore newly discovered choices that are helping her in seeking and implementing solutions.

Another client reported a level of confidence that has enabled him to take great strides in furthering his career not because he has become better or more skilled in the execution of his job but rather because of the quantum leap in his level of belief in himself.

A third person described a latent enjoyment of physical activity that has eluded and kept her sedentary, for more than 25 years.

I could regale you with story after story but, you will be pleased to know, I won’t.

Instead I would like to talk just a little bit about the remarkable changes that occur in our lives and that we begin to feel in every cell of our bodies when we embrace the process of changing what we believe to be true, particularly when those beliefs involve personal characteristics like peacefulness and confidence.

A young man, approximately my age (quit laughing), happily described the ease with which he has lost 22 pounds days in the 27 days since he began the program. He reminded me of an old saying that says that “it’s not what we eat, it’s what’s eating us” and that as his beliefs about himself and his capabilities changed, losing weight shifted from being a frustrating chore to an enjoyable interlude.

Before you reach for the unsubscribe button I promise I will not be writing on this topic each week, but I am excited about the remarkable changes that I’ve seen with those folks committed to this program and feel strongly that we have developed a process that is going to be of enormous benefit to huge numbers of people.

I have the capacity to double the number of people who are presently enrolled in this program.

If you are ready for extreme and massive change in your life and if you are ready to push yourself beyond your own limits in order to get there, please contact me at rael@raelkalley.com

This “Boot Camp for Your Brain” is hard work.

You will be fighting for your life.

The question is, which life? The life you have or the life you want?

I can’t wait to hear your answer.

Till we read again.

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