22. You gotta must just do this.

22. You gotta must just do this.

When I began this blog some 22s weeks ago it was my stated intention to select one habit and discuss it for three consecutive weeks.

To date I have lived up to that intention and have written about seven habits which I believe are crucial for any of us to adopt, or in the case of the Habit of Seeking Why Not, to dispense with, as we pursue greatness in our own lives.

Today however I will break from my stated intention and bring back for discussion the habit that served as the topic for my very first blog way back in January, the Habit of Powerful, Positive, Uplifting, Energising Self Affirmations.

Over the past several months my day job as a coach has put me in touch with many people, fascinating all, from a wide variety of backgrounds, each with their own story to tell, and I’ve become more and more convinced of the power that affirmations hold over all of us.

Not only have I become convinced of that power, but I’ve become equally convinced that we all practice affirmations on a very regular basis – multiple times each day – often with devastating results or unintended consequences.

What I mean is, I have come to believe every thought that flits across our minds, or every word out of our mouths, that is in any way self-critical, negatively prophetic, or damning, is, in fact, an affirmation. It is what we believe in the moment to be true of ourselves and of our circumstances and has the potential of either preventing us from doing what we need to do to reach the greatness we all desire, or will serve to continue to hold us back, imprisoned, inside the boundaries we fear – and need – to cross in order to reach the great joy and happiness we all desire.

I have met with several people who repeatedly harp on the negativity of the past, as their way of explaining/rationalizing/justifying what they perceive to be their life’s challenges. It is this type of constant, repeated, negative self-affirmation that is an enemy that resides within us that we need – that we must – replace if our quest for that elusive pursuit of achievement will ever hope to find itself within our grasp.

As I have gotten older I have become more convinced that we become what we believe to be true and it is for this very reason, and the rampant flood of negative self-affirmation that I hear from so many people on an almost daily basis, that I felt it important enough to revisit the Habit of Powerful, Positive, Uplifting, Energising Self Affirmations once again.

Our affirmations, what we repeatedly reaffirm to ourselves about ourselves, form the very foundation upon which our lives are built and we all know that a weak, shaky foundation never allows for the development of a lasting, strong, powerful structure

Since I wrote that first blog in January, more than 150 people have accepted my 30 day challenge. Many of them have since completed their 30 days and continue their new daily practice of positive self-affirmation.

The results for them have been profound and life-changing.

Yes, we are what we believe to be true of ourselves. We become what tell ourselves and I implore you, if you haven’t yet taken the 30 day challenge, to begin it right now, TODAY.

Let’s examine the steps for doing this.

You begin with a list.

There is no maximum length to this list –it can be as long, or short, as you wish. Naturally, there must be at least one item on this list or else you have nothing more than a blank sheet of paper or screen.

The list must contain positive, empowering, energizing, powerful and uplifting statements that you would like to believe to be true of yourself.

Please note the words, “that you would like to believe to be true of yourself”, in italics. As you look at your list you may not believe a word of it to be true today. That just doesn’t matter.

The list is, of course, a living document meaning you are free to change it at will and that it will evolve over time.

Once you have your list you are ready to begin.

Read the list, out loud if possible, as you would read it if you believed every word to be true. Read each word with the passion, excitement, and enthusiasm that you would feel if every word on the page represented a truth straight from your heart.

Make sure you are standing or sitting in exactly the way you would be if you felt all of the emotions from the sentences you are reading. Allow your face to reflect the joy of feeling great and allow your voice to resonate with conviction.

Read your list over and over again for between four and seven minutes and do this a minimum of four times each day.

Each day means seven days each week.

Remember you are competing with a voice inside of you that has had years and years of unrestricted, unopposed access to feed you a regular diet of negative self-affirmation and if you choose not to do this it each day, that voice will continue to do what it has always done.

For the next 30 days, after you have completed a minimum of four nourishing periods of positive self-affirmation, please text me at (403) 862-5019 or email me at ididit@strategicpathways.net with the words “day # done.”

Of course, this is the beginning of a lifelong habit and if you wish to keep checking in with me after the 30 days, you are more than welcome to do so.

At some point during those 30 days – and you will know the exact moment – something magical will happen in your life.

I know of nothing else that will so profoundly impact your life as the 30 day challenge that I am begging you to please, please get started right away.

And once you start, never stop.

And please share the Habit of Powerful, Positive, Uplifting, Energising Self Affirmations with everyone you know.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Let’s make a habit of meeting like this.

P.S. I am very excited to share with you that my book Life Sinks or Soars – the Choice is Yours now has its very own website. Please visit us at  www.lifesinksorsoars.com  and let me know what you think.

P.P.S. I had the privilege of doing my first ever radio interview recently. The topic of the interview was my book, Life Sinks or Soars – the Choice is Yours. Here is a link to my interview. I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas or suggestions once you have listened to it. Please contact me at rael@raelkalley.com and share your thoughts

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