220. Half-way there with tremendous results.

220. Half-way there with tremendous results.

Earlier this week we passed the halfway mark of the 90 day challenge that began on September 1. On that day 67 brave souls set out to accomplish a personal goal that they have been struggling with. The targeted completion date is November 30.

The vast majority of these folks have stayed true to their commitment, as witnessed by their daily emailing me or texting me to confirm that they are on target.

Many have shared with me the results of their efforts and all I can say is “WOW.” These folks are indeed changing the world. Here are some of the changes the world has already experienced in the past 48 days.

The total weight of the worldwide human population has been reduced by two hundred and thirty-one pounds.

The world has seven fewer smokers.

The world has three new teetotalers.

The world has 9 fewer hard-core TV watchers and 9 more regular book readers.

The world population has walked or ran an estimated 1,739 miles.

The world has three folks excitedly pursuing new careers.

The world has four new students who have gone back to school after years of waiting for the right time.

The world has one new adventurer training hard in preparation for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro next year.

Indeed, these folks have greatly changed the world and are continuing to do so. I can’t wait to review the final results.

It is absolutely remarkable what we are capable of achieving when we commit to an ideal, rev up our enthusiasm, accept difficulties as nothing more than challenges to be overcome, and remove giving-up from the list of possible options.

We can learn a great deal from the many determined people who signed up to make, and stick to, a 90 day commitment.

Yes, a few have slipped off the path and to them I say, “Climb back on, don’t quit on yourselves. Get going again.”

Victory in life is not measured by how many times we get knocked down but rather by how many times we get back up.

Several folks have written to share details of their journey and many have undergone powerful and inspiring changes in their very being as they have endured the difficulties of this voyage.

Their stories are fascinating and I hope to be reporting on them once the 90 Day Challenge is complete.

I speak regularly with several of the participants and, interestingly, they all seem to agree on one thing.

The common theme I am hearing is that, despite having attempted to achieve the very same goals repeatedly in the past, the act of formally committing to, and being part of, a larger group has helped keep them motivated and on track.

Several people have told me they have “buddied up” with a friend to do this Challenge and, to quote a young lady I spoke with yesterday, “… there is no way I will let her down and give her the chance to rub my nose in it.”

As I have spoken with many of these folks and listened to their stories I have realized there is an unspoken message that is being shouted at me.

Not one person has attributed their past failed attempts to achieve their goals to a lack of knowledge.

Or a lack of skill.

They knew exactly what to do and how to do it.

They just didn’t.

It was never a question of “Can I do this?”

It was a question of “Will I do this?”

Success, they tell me, is simply a choice.

Till we read again.

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