243. There is a secret to success. Finish what you start.

For the past eight months I have had the privilege of working with 100+ people who have immersed themselves in my Set Free the Champion Within 60 day coaching experience.

I have watched in awe as so many of them have latched onto this opportunity with both hands and have experienced dramatic transformations as they have adopted this methodologyto reshape their deepest held beliefs and, in so doing, have implemented new behaviors resulting in complete re-sculpting of their lives.

In all my years as a coach, trainer, consultant and speaker, I have never been involved in anything that has produced results even close to what I’m witnessing with this method. I can say with absolute certainty that 100% of all of those who have completed this process, and stayed faithful to the commitments they made to themselves, have experienced results far in excess of anything they could have imagined.

I wish I could say that these results are true for 100% of those who have begun the program but, sadly, that’s not the case.

By far the majority of those 100+ people have realized enormous benefits from this program and their growth has continued well past the completion date of this coaching experience. But, there is a small minority whose experience has been somewhat different.

The daily effort required to attain these great results is neither onerous nor difficult. Participants are asked to commit between 35 and 45 minutes each day in their quest to create the life they have always wanted.

This time commitment does not require scheduling – it is simply a function of doing simple things in five-minute blocks of time.

In other words, completing the daily assignments does not interfere with one’s normal day. Everything expected of each participant can be completed during our daily routine, for example in the shower, driving to work etc.

I have racked my tiny, tired little brain to try and understand why some of these folks have not stayed true to their word and, for the life of me, I cannot find an answer.

Not sticking with the program is not a case of “can’t,” it is a case of “won’t”. What puzzles me is that every single person, without exception, who has begun this program has agreed with me that taking the time to complete the small, effortless daily requirements will substantially improve the quality of their lives and yet, the work is not being done.


I know that changing our behavior is not always an easy task, that old habits die hard and how easy it is to get caught up with life to the exclusion of all else. Yet, when I first began I was convinced that every person beginning this program would ensure that living up to their commitments – commitments to themselves – would be an enormous priority.

And I was wrong.

Many, many times over the past few years we have discussed the simple fact that we only ever do one thing – we do what is important to us in the moment and the only conclusion I can reach as to why some of these folks – good people all – have not kept their word to themselves is because, well, it just isn’t important enough.

Not for a moment am I suggesting that any of these folks were insincere when they first set out on their 60 day journey. I believe each felt truly committed to the ideals they had selected and were excited at the prospect of carving out new lives.

And then life got in the way or was it just old habits old habits refusing to be silenced?

Some folks explained they became disillusioned when the pace of progress did not match their expectations 

Others admitted to having a reluctant sense of comfort in the very things they were trying to change.

Some acknowledged that their past failed attempts at change had contributed to the early onset of doubt resulting in slow withdrawal from their commitments.

A small group admitted experiencing fear at the prospect of successfully achieving their goals.

And all of these reasons make perfect sense to me as, over the course of my life, I have experienced each of these on many occasions.

And each of these folks confirmed that at the very moment they encountered any of the above feelings of doubt, they immediately, at an unconscious level, downgraded the activities they had committed to doing to a much lower – or nonexistent – priority level.

It became more important to retain their status quo even though the status quo was preventing them from attaining true fulfillment.

As a person who has repeated these exact experiences more times than I choose to remember, I understand how easy it is to reach the conclusion that the life I truly want will never happen for me – so what’s the point in trying?

We reach a point where we believe that we have no control – this will never happen for us – and so we give up.

And what we never know, by giving up, is how close we might have been to achieving what we want. A lesson I personally have had to learn more than once.

An astute person once said that in order to achieve greatness in life we need only exhibit four behaviors:

Be on time.

Be polite.

Keep your word.

Finish what you start.

To those few folks who began this journey with me and found themselves pulled off course, please come back and work on two of these.

My absolute promise to you is that if you keep your word to yourself and finish what you start, you will experience a new life that will surpass anything you ever dreamed of having.

And to those of you curious to know how a short 60 days from now you can be well on the way to your own perfect life, please contact me and let’s talk about converting dreams into reality.

Remember the words of a brilliant sage who explained in simple terms why we allow barriers to get in our way of success when she said, “There, but for me, go I.”

Till we read again.

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