277. Don’t manage time, manage possibility.


A word we hear all too frequently to describe our state of well-being.

We are a stressed-out society as is evidenced by the frequency with which we hear about incidents like road rage, out-of-character outbursts and depression-causing overload.

Why is it that we fret so much about something that is so simple to understand?


We are constantly stressing about the busyness of our lives relative to the amount of time available to meet all that life demands of us.

We are all busy and as we get busier and busier it seems we have more and more to do, less and less time in which to do it and ever tightening deadlines that accomplish nothing more than raising our anxiety levels to bursting point.

So what’s the solution?

Time management?

And what exactly does that mean?

Like many, I have read the books, taken the workshops, used the workbooks, purchased the software and downloaded the apps all of which have promised the pathway to time mastery that would must magically whisk my world from a place of frenzy to one of the calm and serenity.

And nothing changes.

It seems that no matter how well I have learned to master the art of lists, guardedly apportion time to tasks, and authoritatively select priorities, I am still left with the sad fact that each day provides me a mere 24 hours each comprising 60 minutes of 60 seconds each.

And the stuff on my To Do list needs more time than that

There must be a better way they must be a better way.

There is.

Years of intense research – hours spent in the lab pacing in a white coat, monocle intact, Bunsen burners lit and strange concoctions mixing in the background – have led to a near genius level, amazing breakthrough, that brings the mastery of time within the grasp of all.

And like most everything else touted these days there is a magical three-step process to time mastery, hyper performance and stress elimination.

In all seriousness, I believe the three steps ahead go a long way to helping us get through those fateful days of frenetic activity.

Take a moment and prepare yourself for life-altering change.

Step 1

Write the following statement on a piece of paper and say it to yourself 1 billion times.

“I can do anything, I just can’t do everything.”

And all the good intentions, extra effort, adrenaline fueled anxiety and endless worry in the world will do absolutely nothing to change the astonishing simplicity of that truth.

Step 2

A topic we have discussed repeatedly over the years and one that is as profoundly true as the principle above.

Here it is: We only ever do one thing; we do what’s most important in the moment. Period.

That’s how we select priorities. We may regret the activity afterwards but our decision to do anything is driven only by its perceived importance.

So the secret to Step 2 is to exercise wisely your incredible power of choice.

Step 3

Do the math.

Allow me to explain: Let’s say for a moment that you are a window washer – an award-winning, world class window washer with years of experience leading you to be recognized as the very best, and fastest, in your industry

You have seven windows to clean.

Each window requires ten minutes of your undivided time and effort. There is no technology or magical cleaning products that will reduce this time by even a nanosecond. Ten minutes per window; no more no less.

You have only one hour.

No matter how hard you apply yourself, no matter how much energy you expend, no matter how much anxiety you feel and no matter how much stress you experience you have 60 minutes in which to complete 70 minutes of work.

What you gonna’ do?

This brings us to Step 4 – The only meaning of every experience in our lives in the meaning WE CHOOSE to give it – of the 3 step process.

And that means that 60 minutes from now you can proudly stare at six spotlessly clean windows or you can fret about the job not being done.

Either way there will still be one dirty window and you will still be out of time.

It Is What It Is.

You may wish you could have done better.

It Is What It Is.

Others may be disappointed/angry.

It Is What It Is.

As you can see, the three steps bring sense to chaos. Step 4 soothes the soul.

And life becomes good again.

There is much more I would like to add to this topic but Gimalle, my beautiful and amazing wife, is telling me she wants to go out.


So allow me to use to illustrate how effectively this process works.

Step 1. I can do anything but I just can’t do everything: This means I can make Gimalle wait or I can leave right now.

Step 2. We only do what’s important in the moment: I can feel good about finishing this blog or I can have a happy wife.

Step 3. Do the math: She said she wants to leave NOW.

Gotta run.

Till we read again.

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