281. Thank you.

281. Thank you.

Last week I wrote about my exciting adventure that led me to a stay at an all-inclusive resort known as Foothills Hospital.

At the time of writing the blog I obviously thought I was far further along the road to recovery than reality dictated.

I didn’t realize this until I read the blog on Monday morning and was shocked at the number of typos that had escaped my initial read through before posting it. Clearly at the time of writing my brain, easily taxed at the best of times, had not achieved the level of clarity that I thought I had.

To those who took the time to wade through the mountain of typos I do apologize and will certainly do my best to ensure this does not happen again.

I was released two days ago and have been home since then with not much to do other than swallow pills a few times a day for the next 37 days during which time I will be monitored quite stringently in a variety of different ways.

If it is true that every day is a lesson in life then the past week has increased my level of knowledge by an enormous amount.

The biggest lesson for me was a reminder to take time each and every day to reflect, with gratitude, on how blessed we all are in our lives.

I am so deeply grateful to those wonderful people – from the cleaning staff and the nurses to the doctors – who not only took care of me and worked diligently and professionally to get me through the first 24 hours where I was at extreme risk but also, day after day, selflessly devote themselves to bringing comfort and support to every single patient in the hospital. These folks have endless patience and an unconquerable desire to serve others.

After my blog was finally posted I began receiving emails from people wishing me well, offering support and love and friendship and the flow of phone calls, emails, e-cards and good wishes has not stopped.

By the time I was evicted I had received more than 200 expressions of love and thoughtfulness and I cannot tell you the enormity of the role those emails have played in speeding up my recovery.

The very first email raised my spirits and as the days progressed and other messages arrived they brought tears to my eyes – tears of gratitude and joy that can only come from realizing that we are not alone and people do care.

I have always believed that our thoughts play a vital role in the recovery from illness and disease and as I write this, I am convinced that my own spirit was lifted to the highest level of healing by these many, many emails and e-cards I received and to those of you who sent them I thank you. There are no words that can express the magnitude of my gratitude for I am convinced it was your thoughts and prayers that got me home far sooner than originally anticipated.

I am not yet out of the woods. I still have infected fluid residing inside the growth that is inside my lung and if at the end of 37 days of powerful antibiotics the fluid has not drained then lung surgery will be a viable option.

I am convinced this will not happen. Just knowing that so many people are rooting for me and by diligently taking my medication as directed I have no doubt – absolutely none – that at the end of 37 days I will receive a clean bill of health.

I know this because I believe in the power of self-healing and with the support of so many of you folks the infection doesn’t have a hope in hell of winning this battle.

Once again my heartfelt thanks to the hundreds of you who took a few moments out of your busy lives to let me know you are thinking of me, that you cared and that you wished me well. You have taught me to make gratitude a part of my daily life and I promise you and assure you I have learned that lesson.

And a special “Thank You” to my wonderful wife, Gimalle, whose love and support (and courier services in meeting my constant requests to bring a constant stream of stuff that I couldn’t live without to the hospital each day) just made everything a little easier. I am blessed to have her in my life.

Next Thursday is Christmas and  I wish all of you a wonderfully happy Christmas, a thoroughly enjoyable holiday and a magnificent and prosperous New Year.

Once again, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Till we read again.

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