283. Want a great 2015? Start by doing this.

283. Want a great 2015? Start by doing this.

Happy New Year.

Today is the third day of 2015. Monday marks the end of this Christmas season and is the day on which, for most of us, life as we know it returns to normal.

So perhaps a wise choice this weekend would be to take some time and set one goal or objective for yourself that you intend to accomplish in 2015.

Here is how I recommend you go about this process.

Firstly decide what it is that you want to accomplish. It could be to get a new job or to lose 20 pounds or to get into really good shape or to go back to school. No matter what it is write it down under the heading, “What do I want?”

Now if you were with me and you wrote down your goal I would ask you a simple question, “Is this what you want?” Most likely your reply would be affirmative.

The truth is the goal we choose for ourselves seldom represents what we want. What we really want is represented in the second part of this process

Once you have chosen your goal write down the following question, “What is my prize?”

Take a few minutes and think this through before answering that question. The goal you stated above is not really what you want. What you really want is what achieving that goal will give you, what it will do for you.

If your goal is a new job it might give you a greater sense of fulfilment, more money, more prestige, more authority or something else that you want.

Our motivation does not come from the goal itself, it comes from what we call The Prize.

It comes from clearly defining and focusing on what achieving the goal will do for us. So take a few minutes and, in as much detail as possible, write down what achieving your goal will do for you, and how it will improve your life.

And now we come to the real heart of the matter.

You have just spent a few minutes describing what achieving your goal will do for you now let’s find out how badly you want this.

Write down this question, “How important is winning this prize to me?

This truly is the rubber meets the road question. Your answer to this question will determine, more than anything else, the likelihood of you staying on the pathway necessary to reach your goal.

We all have many things that we want and this question will help you determine whether the prize you listed above is something that would be “Nice to Have” or something that you absolutely “Must Have,” and can’t live without.

The more you rate your Prize as “Must Have” the more likely you will stick with what you need to do when faced with the everyday challenges that all goals present.

Take this part of the exercise very, very seriously. If you truly want to achieve your goal – particularly if it is one you have attempted unsuccessfully in the past – please follow these steps. Once you have listed your goal take the time to write out in as much detail as you can what achieving a goal will do for you and then really determine how badly you want the prize.

When you have completed this exercise, and for as long as it takes to it achieve your goal and consequently, your prize, take a few minutes every day and read through your prize and why it is so important to you

As you are doing this, close your eyes and just allow your mind to drift, to float to a place where your life will be once your goal is achieved and notice how wonderful it feels; notice the sense of accomplishment and pride in the enhanced quality of life.

Bask in that wonderful feeling of happiness.

Now, just go do it.

And doing it will make for a great New Year.

Till we read again.

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