3. Accept this challenge – please. You’ll thank me later.

3. Accept this challenge – please. You’ll thank me later.

Over the past few years a number of people have asked me why I seem so evangelical whenever I talk of the importance of empowering, positive, energizing self-affirmations.

I frequently talk with my clients about the role that our habits play in determining the outcomes in our lives and, as this entire blog is devoted to the topic of habits, it is clearly a subject that I view as being of great importance.

But back to the original question; what is it about self-affirmation that is so important in helping us focus on, and acquire the very habits that will steer us to where we want to be as opposed to those habits that, for many of us, prevent us from realizing our dreams.

I believe it is our self-regard – what we viscerally and wholeheartedly believe to be true of ourselves and how we feel about ourselves – that is the very foundation upon which our life’s journey is built.

And when the foundation is weak and self-critical it becomes more likely that we will routinely repeat the very behaviors that will result in validating the truthfulness of that foundation.

Therefore it is, in my opinion, unquestionably and indisputably imperative that if we wish to have any possibility of living the lives of happiness and joy that each of us deserves, then we must work diligently to build a foundation of strong, loving and supportive self-affirmation – a foundation of self-awareness upon which we can build the requisite habits that will guide us to where we wish to be.

Experts frequently enjoin us to “go back to the basics,” for they know that the challenges of acquiring advanced skills and excelling in their execution is always made easier once the basics have been mastered.

Developing the habit of inspiring and confidence building self-affirmation is indeed the basic habit upon which all others can be developed.

There is an extremely compelling reason as to why we should begin today to develop the habit of frequent uplifting self-affirmation, if we have not already done so.

Many of us have spent the better part of our lives developing and mastering the habit of negative, critical self-talk.

This critical voice may well be one we have come to hate but unless we are prepared to change our behaviour, we can be assured it will never go away. The harsh truth is, it has no plans to go anywhere.

If we do not immediately begin developing the habit of positive input, that other voice will carry on unabated and unchallenged and will continue to get stronger over time.

I know of only one way to quiet that critical tone and that is to flood our very being with uplifting, encouraging and enlightening positive self-affirmation.

A few people have taken me up on the 30 day challenge that I have discussed in the previous two blogs. If you are not one of them please, I urge you, to accept that challenge today and just “go for it.”

Here’s what you do:

  1. Make a list of what you wish to believe to be true of yourself – not necessarily what you actually believe to be true. Your list may contain only one statement or as many as you want. Each statement needs to be a positive affirmation of what you would like to believe.
  2.  Commit to passionately and enthusiastically reading that list over and over and over again at least four times each day for 5 to 10 minutes each time. Remember, congruency is everything.
  3. For the next 30 days, once you have completed your affirmations four or more times, email me at rael@raelkalley.com  or send a text to (403) 862 – 5019 simply with the word “Done.”

I don’t want to sound like a nag, and I know I have asked you to accept this challenge each time I have posted a new blog so I would like to make you three promises.

I promise I will not mention this challenge again, at least not for the next several weeks.

I promise that if you accept this challenge as outlined above, at some point in the next 30 days, something wonderful and remarkable will happen in your life.

And I promise that I will introduce a new habit for us to discuss next week – perhaps the not so helpful habit of procrastination.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Let’s make a habit of meeting like this.

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