335. You gotta want it bad, real bad.

335. You gotta want it bad, real bad.

For many the birth of the new year brings with it renewed energy, optimism and the desire to focus on what we hope to accomplish.

Some establish lofty goals for themselves, while others set their objectives a little closer to the ground.

And by the time the year finally draws to a close, some will have succeeded and will be enjoying the benefits of having done so while the vast majority will have given up on theirs.

The crucial distinction between those who did and those who dreamed lies on where they positioned themselves on the Desire Continuum.

We all have a wish list of things we would like to have happen to us or for us. The wish list is drawn from all areas of our lives and its contents reflects what we believe to be essential requirements for our happiness.

We accept that many of the items on the list will never be realized and we are unfazed by that knowledge.

And that same wish list also contains things that we really, really, really want.

For us to have any hope of achieving these objectives we must articulate clearly why we want them and why they are important for us. We must be able to state unmistakably and categorically what is in it for us in reaching our goals.

Knowing why we want them is of vital importance but if we are to have any hope of reaching these goals there is something of far greater importance; we must know clearly and unequivocally how badly we want the prize we will win for achieving our goals.

Every item on our wish list lies somewhere on the Desire Continuum.

On the one extreme we have what we call “Nice to Have.” Wish list items that are close to this end of the continue are those things that, if they happen to fall into our laps, will be great, appreciated and enjoyed, but by ourselves, we really won’t be putting any effort into achieving them.

In truth, we can never refer to these as goals but rather is wishful thinking.

The other extreme of the continuum is known as “Must-Have.” The closer we are to this end in our desires, the “more badly” want them to be realized.

When we want something so badly that our desire is at the extreme tip of the “Must-Have” end of the continuum, there is no force on this planet strong enough to prevent us from reaching our goals.

We are unstoppable in our endeavors to achieve our goals and those who stand in our way do so at their own peril.

Setting goals is an admirable undertaking and a necessary first step to converting our dreams into tangible results but if we really want to know what the probability is of our ever reaching those goals, we must, in a brutally honest fashion, determine where exactly our quest for these goals falls on the Desire Continuum.

My experience in both my own numerous failed attempts to achieve certain goals and observing similar results in many of my clients, has convinced me that if we fall anywhere other than close to the “Must-Have” end of the continue, we are, more often than not, setting ourselves up for disappointment.

If our souls are dancing with excitement at the thought of achieving these goals and our hearts feel like they are being ripped from our chests at the thought of living our lives without them, then no matter how many times we are rebuffed, knocked to the ground and defeated we will rise up undaunted the and push forward until we succeed.

The further we are from that end of the continuum the more likely we are to just dabble at the objective and, in my opinion, dabbling is at best a part-time hobby and is never a serious, desire to produce results.

So next time you sit down to set goals for yourself, rather than focusing on what you want, instead spend your time seriously evaluating how badly you want it.

And if you realize you want it very badly, then go and get it.

Life is simple.

Till we read again.


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