347. Help me understand.

347. Help me understand.

For the past month the underground parkade in the condo building in which my wife and I live has been undergoing extensive repairs to the membrane that covers and protects the concrete floor.

This has required the closure of half of the driving lanes, creating a single lane roadway in what has always been a two lane area.

Naturally, this poses potential dangers to cars entering and exiting and to facilitate safe passageway we have had a security guard on duty 24/7 since the work began.

We also installed traffic lights – exactly like those at intersections everywhere – at either end of the construction zone. Every resident and user of the parkade was notified well in advance of the beginning of this project and was also notified of the installation of traffic lights to be obeyed exactly as they are at any intersection on the planet that uses them.

Residents were also notified of the need for extra caution during this period and that fines would be issued for not stopping and waiting for the lights to turn green.

A number of our residents have chosen to disregard our requests and have proceeded through the red light resulting in a few instances of two cars facing each other in a single lane with both drivers refusing to back up.

To recap, we notified all residents and users of the parkade:

  1. That this project was about too begin.
  2. That for the duration of the project there would be only a single driving lane to be shared by those both entering and exiting the parkade.
  3. Of the installation of the traffic lights and of the need to apply the same rules as when driving on the road.
  4. That not stopping at a red light would result in a $250.00 fine.

Here’s the part where I need your help.

Help me understand how, despite all of the above notifications, more than 30 people felt justified in disregarding the red light as if they were somehow exempt from following the rules put in place for the safety of all?

Help me understand how, despite all of the above notifications, when approached by the on-duty security guard, some of these felt justified in swearing at him and told him to mind his own business?

Help me understand how, despite all of the above notifications, some of these very same individuals, upon receiving a letter notifying them of the $250.00 fine felt justified in losing their minds, reverting to childhood, throwing a tantrum and yelling at our Concierge, our property manager and, in a few cases, me?

Help me understand how, despite all of the above notifications, they told us we were stupid and unreasonable when we informed them their proffered reasons for ignoring the red light – “I was in a hurry,” “I was late for work,” “I don’t have time for this” – did not result in us withdrawing their fines?

Help me understand what can possibly be going through a tiny human mind when its owner thinks that yelling at me, insulting me and threatening to sue – that is my favourite threat – will increase their chances of gaining my cooperation and assistance?

But wait. There’s more.

Yesterday, just when I thought I had more than enough material for today’s blog, one of our precious condo owners demonstrated that when it comes to speculating on how low the bar can fall when measuring stupidity, there really is no bottom.

It was necessary to close down the visitors parking area for this project and, in addition to notifying residents of this closure, clearly marked and readily visible signs have been placed in each stall reminding folks not to park there.

This person chose to ignore the signs and parked in one of the Visitors parking stalls. She then went to the lobby and was told by our Concierge that she needed to remove her car. She chose to ignore him and went about her business.

A few minutes later the contractor told our Concierge that someone had walked through the freshly spread layer of sealant, potentially damaging it

A quick search through our camera system revealed our hero leaving her parked car and walking through the construction area completely disregarding the yellow caution tape and barriers used to seal off the area.

I happened to be talking to our Concierge a few hours later when she came into the building and complained that she had received a call from our property manager regarding the damage she had caused.

When I pointed out that she will be held liable for all costs incurred in repairing the damage she became irate and stormed off muttering something about unfair treatment.

And her reason for ignoring all the No Parking signs?

She was in a hurry.

Of course she was.

Help me understand.


Till we read again.

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  1. I don’t envy your role, Rael. Twenty years ago little Suzie and little Jonny were constantly told that they were “great” and “[they could] “be or do anthing they want in this world”……Today, Suzie and Jonny have no concept of other people who occupy their world. So, don’t drive too slow or prevent them from parking where they normally like to park 🙂


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