44. It ain’t always easy being an optimist.

44. It ain’t always easy being an optimist.

Over the past two weeks I have received a number of calls and emails from people who have contacted me to say the Habit of Optimism has been extremely timely for them.

Several of these calls were from small business owners who shared their daily challenges of keeping the doors open while maintaining a sense of optimism that even though things may be tough right now, they will get better.

These folks are the backbone of our economy. It is the small business owners who, often armed with nothing more than a belief that things will work out – a sense of optimism, provide the majority of jobs in this country.

Many of them are bravely pursuing their dreams with the odds of success stacked against them and yet, day after day, frequently stressed to the max, they put on a brave smile and go out there seeking small victories in a highly competitive world.

Only those who have been there can truly understand the mindset of an entrepreneur. That burning desire to do something on your own, to answer to no one, to forge your own way in the world, to be willing to be knocked down time and time again because the pain of getting up is less than the pain of giving up, and to give your all in the knowledge that your only reward may well be the laughter and derision of others.

Over the course of my career I’ve talked to small business owners who, in order, to meet payroll and pay the bills, have sold their homes, their cars, their furniture, and in one case, even their clothes.

I have met others who have skipped meals, placed cardboard inside their shoes to cover up holes and have walked 40 blocks to make sales presentations in order to conserve the gas in their vehicles and save the cost of parking.

All because they share the Habit of Optimism that has instilled in them the irrepressible optimism and unshakable belief that if they just find a way to stay in the game one more day they will eventually emerge victorious.

These folks are the heroes of our economy. They often sacrifice much of their lives and, along the way, collectively provide employment and security for hundreds of thousands of their fellow citizens.

Many of them take home far smaller paychecks than their lowest paid employees and do so willingly because they believe that the path they are on is the one to their dreams.

Many of these folks are surrounded by well-intentioned and caring people who consistently exhort them to “give it up and get a real job” and yet they soldier on determined to be the masters of their own fate.

Some will achieve unimaginable success, the majority will either fail or just barely get by and yet it is the can do/will do/must do spirit that these optimists bring to our society that contributes to the betterment of all.

Their journey is often a lonely one that, at times, can strain their families to a breaking point and yet so many of them, wrapped firmly in the Habit of Optimism, begin every day with renewed vigour and enthusiasm, convinced that this is the day of the big breakthrough.

The self-employed are tough and hearty folks whose optimism is crucial to their survival. Their life is not for everyone but their perpetual belief in a better tomorrow is a gift for all.

Let’s make a habit of meeting like this.

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