53. Happy New Reunion.

53. Happy New Reunion.

The lady who called me on Monday did not want to tell me her name but she did want to tell me her story.

She told me that many years ago, “probably before you were born, young man,” she, her parents and sister had moved to Canada from their native Poland.

Some 10 years later when she and her sister were in their early 20s their parents passed away within six months of each other and the two of them had had a major falling out while dealing with their parent’s estate.

Over the many years that have passed since that time they have had no contact with each other than exchanging obligatory Christmas cards. Their only knowledge of what was happening in each other’s lives was brought to them by their children and grandchildren.

My lady caller told me she has three children and seven grandchildren and one of her grandchildren had brought her a copy of the blog I wrote last week on the Habit of Christmas Spirit 365.

She told me that the blog caused her to think of the silliness of living in the same city as her only sibling and having no contact with her in almost 50 years.

She explained it was her husband who had insisted their children get to know their cousins and he, along with her brother-in-law , took it upon themselves to ensure the cousins spent time together while growing up. Her husband had long given up his attempts to encourage her to reconcile with her sister.

She decided to try the Habit of Christmas Spirit 365 to see what would happen. Her son provided her sister’s phone number and she called, secretly hoping no one answered.

She had decided to let the phone ring five times before she would hang up. After the fourth ring the phone was picked up and a female voice – one she had not heard in many, many years, said “hello.”

She overcame her first impulse to hang up the phone and found herself explaining to her sister that rather than merely exchanging annual Christmas cards it would be nice to have a brief conversation.

She could feel the emotion in her throat as these words came out of the mouth and, on the other end of the phone, she heard her sister gently sobbing while telling her that for years she had wanted to pick up the phone but feared that she would be rejected.

What began as an intended two minute conversation lasted more than two hours and ended with a lunch date this past Friday that went on for more than four hours and was filled with laughter, tears and promises to make up for all those lost years.

She told her sister about the Habit of Christmas Spirit 365 and they had both agreed to adopt this as a way of life because, after all, it was this habit that provided the impetus for their long overdue reunion.

Then she asked me a question I was completely unprepared for.

She asked how I was bringing the Habit of Christmas Spirit 365 into my own life.

I didn’t have a good answer for her and told her I would come up with one very soon.

And I’m working on that right now.

Care to join me?

Let’s make a habit of meeting like this.

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