53. I could sure use your help with this

53. I could sure use your help with this

“When is your website going to be up?” This is a question I have been asked repeatedly over the past year and even more frequently since I published my book, Life Sinks or Soars – the choice is yours a few months ago.

The truth is, I don’t know.

I know that I need to have a web site. I know in today’s world it is not optional. I know not having a website is a major dent in credibility. I know I am missing opportunities for online sales of my book.

Here’s why my site is not up.

For a year I have been procrastinating on writing the copy for my website. My good friend Peter who has been patiently waiting to design and build a site for me is, I’m sure, tearing his hair out at all my broken promises and missed deadlines for providing him with the copy he needs in order to bring his magic to life. My guess is he’s only a few days away from writing me off as a lost cause.

The purpose of a website is to promote. It is a forum in which one can shamelessly self promote and let the world know how skilled, talented, innovative, creative and value producing you really are. It is a bold statement of why the other 6,000,000,000 people on the planet should be beating a path to your door to engage your services and buy your products. It is a testament to your greatness, a chronology of your achievements and an enticement for the magic your services and products will bring into the lives of those smart enough to contact you for help or to click the little button that says ‘Order Now’.

Here’s my problem.

I am unbearably uncomfortable with self promotion.

I know how important it is.

I know how necessary it is.

I don’t wanna do it.

Here’s why.

I have visited a lot of web sites. I have read dozens of brochures. I have watched countless promo videos.

And in many cases I personally know the people using these media to promote themselves.

And it generates lots of business for them.

Which is why they do it.

And the content always extols their virtues in great detail.

And never refers to their screw ups.

And their past failures.

And the train wrecks that some of their lives have come to represent.

And the desperate straits some of them are in and struggling to cope with.

And I get that publishing your failures is not the recommended way of inspiring confidence in potential customers.

It just seems that their promo pieces only tell half of a story.

Like that guru in the U.S. whose web site promises the pathways to enlightenment, wealth, joy and happiness and makes no mention of the three people who died in a sweat lodge during one of his recent programs nor of the unfortunate lady who committed suicide half way through his program while out on a group exercise.

Or that relationship guy whose website tells of his wondrous marriage to the woman of his dreams. Of the ever growing love that makes each of their days together a gift of joy and how he wants to share with you the secrets of creating magnificent relationships.

I scoured his site. Not a mention of his four (yes, four) previous wives. And in case you’re thinking what I thought when I first heard of him, he has never been widowed.

It does remind me of the story of the elderly, much married, widow who was asked how her husband’s had died.

“My first husband died of food poisoning.”

“That’s terrible. I’m sorry to hear that. What happened to your second husband?”

“He also died of food poisoning.”

“That’s absolutely unbelievable. And your third husband?”

“He fell down the stairs and broke his neck.”

“That’s amazing. What caused him to fall down the stairs?”

“He wouldn’t eat the food.”

Sorry. Really bad joke.

Back to web sites. And my problem.

I’m just an ordinary guy.

Nothing special. No signs of greatness.

I have enjoyed a few terrific successes in my life.

I have acquired some good skills along the way. 

I am very good at what I do.

 And I have crashed spectacularly more times than I care to remember. 

 And failed often.

 I have done incredibly stupid things.

 I have made a gazillion mistakes.

 On occasion I haven’t even been smart enough to make new mistakes. Just repeated the old ones.

 And these mistakes have sometimes hurt others, not just me.

 I have warts everywhere.

 I am hugely flawed.

 And that’s why I find it hard to brag about me.

 And I still want everyone to know about my successes.

 And I don’t want anyone to know about my failures.

And that’s why I keep procrastinating about getting my website done.

Because I do want people to use my services.

And I do want you to buy my book.

My wife Gimalle constantly reminds me of the difference between bragging and telling a story.  As usual, she’s right (she made me write that part). 

So, I am trying to focus on merely telling my story, because after all, we all love a great story.

I do lots of things well and I know I have helped many people better their lives.

Many companies have been made better because of my efforts and more than 300 people have sent me emails telling me how much Life Sinks or Soars – the choice is yours, has helped them.

More than100 people have asked me to create a workshop around the teachings of my book.

And that’s a great story to tell.

But, as I mentioned earlier, it’s only half the story.

So how do I put all that into a web site?

And not live in fear of being exposed.

I sure hope you have some ideas you will share with me.

Peter’s patience is running out.

Till we read again.

P.S. I am very excited about this. My book is now available in both locations of Self Connection Bookstores located at Montgomery Place, #125, 4611 Bowness Road NW, Calgary and Willow Park Village, 564 – 10816 MacLeod Trail, Calgary.

You can also buy my book online through Self Connection and they will mail it to you or you can download an eBook. Both are available by clicking on this link.

Click here to order my book.

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3 thoughts on “53. I could sure use your help with this”

  1. It is so very, very refreshing to read about someone who has embraced and continues to live by the truths of humility.

    Good for you!

    The website can wait…

  2. NEWS FLASH…You are not perfect and nobody else is either ( including me beleive it or not ). Sales is about promotion (self or otherwise) and that is what a web site can do for you.
    I can think of no company, in any venue, that promote their wigits by listing their imperfections.
    By all means, tell only the truth.
    Your book and workshops are about success, let your web site reflect that.
    What did you say in your book?
    The choice is yours and yours alone.


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