71. Jingle blog

71. Jingle blog

Write new blog, write new blog

Panic all the way

Oh what fun it is to write

A blog each Saturday


Write about this, write about that

Matters not any way

What makes you think anyone cares

About anything you say


Sitting down to write

Is always such a chore

Because most of what you write

Ends up on the floor


The writing part is easy.

Choosing the topic awfully hard

Progress is always made

By the inch and not the yard


A new topic every week

Should not be challenging

Unless, like me, you are constrained

By knowing next to nothing


But if you have a goal

Then persevere you must

For if ever you should quit

Your dreams will turn to dust


So it really doesn’t matter

What others think of you

For in the end what counts

Is to thine own self be true


For me, to be a writer

Is one of the goals I now pursue

So for me to get better and better and better

Constant practice I must do


And if this blog is not so good

The next one will be finer

I will not give up when the going gets tough

I refuse to be a whiner


So to all of you out there

This is what I say

Never give up, sell out your dream

Do whatever it takes; practice, work, pray


Write new blog, write new blog

It’s the only way I’ll ever get there

And if I quit now, it will only lead

To sadness and despair


So write, write write, write, write write

Till writing comes out your pores

Because as you know Life Sinks or Soars

The choice, they say, is yours

Till we read again

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