73. Christmas Day lessons for every day living.

73. Christmas Day lessons for every day living.


Malka pondering 22 months of living and learning


I woke up this morning tingling with excitement.

You see today is Christmas Day, my second Christmas on this planet, and I thought this would be the perfect day to reflect on all the knowledge I have gained in my short life.

As I am now 22 months old, I thought I would share with you, on this special day, 22 of the most important lessons I have learned.

  1. Greet everyone with sincere and warm affection. This always leads to cuddling and tummy rubs.
  2. Don’t be grumpy when you don’t get your own way. Nobody likes a grouch.
  3. Playing is an essential part of living, so do it often.
  4. Yes I am the center of the universe.
  5. Don’t pee on the carpet – it’s not endearing.
  6. Show leadership by demonstrating the behaviour you expect from others. For example, if you need to go out, stand at the door and wait patiently. They will get it sooner or later.
  7. Be patient in training humans – they aren’t very bright. Keep your expectations low to avoid disappointment.
  8. When the vet takes your temperature, don’t bite him. He’s probably not enjoying it either.
  9. In the superficial world in which we live cuteness and adorability DO go a long way. So always be cute and adorable.
  10. Treat everyone equally.
  11. Eat everything you find on the ground. You never know when the next famine will hit.
  12. No matter how mean someone is to you, shower them with love and affection. It’ll drive them crazy.
  13. Sleep deprivation has been shown to contribute to poor health and reduced mental acuity. Sleep 20 hours a day.
  14. Share everything you have with others.
  15. Make time for everyone. Sharing ourselves is the greatest gift you can offer.
  16. Sleeping on the bed is a right, not a privilege.
  17. Pooping: See lesson # 5.
  18. When out for a walk, go out of your way to meet everyone. Lick them if they get close enough.
  19. If it lands on the floor it’s yours.
  20. The word “enough” never applies to treats.
  21. Refuse to do things like sit, stay, roll over or anything else on command. You’re not a party trick.
  22. Christmas is about families, not gifts. Notice how your family unites today, how even those who can’t stand each other seem to get along well today, how past grievances are forgotten for today, how the focus is on family unity today, and then live every day as if it is Christmas.

Well, that’s it. Enough reflection for one day.

I understand a multitude of gifts await me. As expected I will be spoiled rotten today-as is befitting a being of my stature.

I do subscribe though, to the theory that it is better to give than to receive so as my way of reciprocating for all the gifts I am about to receive I have chosen for Gimalle and Rael a gift many times the value of anything they have for me.

My unconditional love.

I challenge you to do the same.

Till we read again.

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3 thoughts on “73. Christmas Day lessons for every day living.”

  1. Good one Malka. I hope you are having a fabulous Christmas and that you will continue to share your wisdom with us for a long time to come. Also please pass on my best regards to to your subjects(Rael and Gimall).

    May all your dreams come true, and I hope to see you soon in the new year.

  2. Malka, you are amazing and I am so privileged that you share so much of your time with me when your “subject” is at our office working with other people.


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