89. Father knows best.

89. Father knows best.

Brittany told me that her dad instilled The Habit of Plus 10% in her and her siblings at a very young age. Britney is the youngest of three and shortly after her ninth birthday her dad was involved in a car accident that left him hospitalized for many months with “every bone in his body broken.”

His recovery was slow and, obviously painful as attested to by all family members who watched him persevere day after day to regain what a drunk driver had attempted to take away. Her dad underwent vigor and rigorous daily physiotherapy and it was during this time that he discovered the compounding effect on The habit of +10%.

Whatever his physiotherapist asked of him he completed and then with a smile on his face would look up and say, “Let’s do another10%.”

It didn’t take long before her dad was improving at a rate that left his caregivers incredulous.

Shortly after he returned home he told his family that he had read of the benefit of always doing 10% more in an article someone had left by his bedside and that he intended to make The Habit of Plus 10% a part of everything he did from that day forward.

He also encouraged his family to do the same and it was soon included in the amount of time dedicated to study, practice time on the piano, sports training and everything they did as a family.

Her dad became a regular volunteer at the hospital where he had been treated and used his time there to encourage people going through similar recoveries to adopt his philosophy of doing 10% more of everything asked of them.

Invariably, many of these initially expressed resistance as much of that what they were doing was extremely painful and yet those who heeded his advice and added 10% to the routines all recovered at a rate far faster than those who didn’t.

Brittany explained that this habit helped move her into the A student range, contributed to her getting into university of her choosing and has stood her in good stead throughout her life.

The Habit of Plus 10%: It doesn’t seem like much. In fact, it seems like rather a small thing. Whatever we’re doing, working on, or trying to improve, if we simply applied a little extra – 10% more effort – we will rapidly get to where we want to be in far less time than we could possibly have imagined.

In the past two weeks, in addition to hearing from Brittany, I have also been contacted by numerous people who called to simply voice their agreement that paying a tiny additional price, – a 10% to all effort – pays enormous dividends and that the return on time spent and energy expended can becomes measured in the stratospheric terms.

Perhaps all of our lives would be enriched – by far more than 10% – if we committed right here, right now to make The Habit of Plus 10% part of everything we do.

Please let me know how this works for you, I can’t wait to hear the exciting stories of newfound success.

Let’s make a habit of meeting like this.

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