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Rael Kalley’s Blog

I started my blog more than 600 posts ago. In fact, it’s actually two blogs. Every Wednesday I post about a topic that is key to my coaching practice: habits. The habits you practice make up the life you have. That’s where the title of my Wednesday posts came from, “Habits Cause Have-Its.” Some of the values I stand behind include finishing what you start, and engaging in habit-forming behaviour. That’s part of the reason it’s important to me to keep blogging, week after week. It’s also one of the reasons I number my blogs.

On Saturdays, I post about anything that is on my mind from a personal coaching perspective. The topics are influenced by my friends and family, my pets, and the world around me.

My posts are a great way to learn more about what topics a coach can help you cover, and how a coach will help you approach your goals. I hope my blog helps you get to know me -and maybe even know yourself- a little bit better.

2 thoughts on “Rael Kalley’s Blog

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  2. Sylvia Nora Barrenechea Reply

    Hello my neighbor Rael Kalley.

    I just finished reading you amazing story.

    We are traveling since you gifted us with your book and honestly I didn’t touch the book until 2 days ago.

    I totally believe in our choices in life!
    Thank you for given us the opportunity to get to know you.
    I always thought of you as a very sensible person.

    I hope you’ll have time to share a beverage with us in our apartment you and your lovely wife.
    Thank you!🌞

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